Random questions I need answers to please.

  1. Has anyone ever actually responded to these sms’s and emails about how you’ve been selected as a recipient for the gazillion dollar estate of the late Mrs Frederica Carrera? Or the one from the Afghanistani soldier who is apparently rolling in the dough and needs to make an urgent deposit into your account. Or how my sim card has won a RICA competition and the prize is  R175 000 and I must contact Mr Molefe to claim my prize. We roll our eyes and hit delete, but has anyone actually contacted these people to claim their millions? Who’s on the other side? What do they actually want from you? Is it just a strategy to build a database of people and their information? Do they steal money out of your bank account? What’s the deal with these things? Come on, be honest, who has responded to these messages? Did you get your share of the deceased estate? It’s ok, we’re all friends here, I won’t judge you.

  1. Do people still use Internet Explorer in the real world? Man alive. I work for a French company and even though we are like on the other end of the world, like so far apart that planes can go missing between us, we all run off one amazing system. By “amazing” I actually mean “stupid.” I don’t know the details but basically our servers are housed in Paris. Now perhaps its only the South African version of Internet Explorer that sucks but these Frenchies insist that we use IE as our main browser. It feels like been back in the days of Nokia 3310. It feels like sending a fax. It feels like listening to dial up internet. It feels like going to an internet café to check your Yahoo account. IT FEELS LIKE THE DARK AGES BASICALLY. Even if I download Chrome sneakily, it doesn’t work. You get a whole lotta French people’s backs up if its detected you are not using IE. So I put it to you, are there any other poor sods using IE? I’d like to start a support group. When will they just ban it forever?

  1. Who pays car guards in shopping centres where you already pay for parking? So I almost always choose undercover parking because I don’t fancy getting heatstroke from getting into a vehicle that has been standing in the sun for too long. But hey, these days it’s not even undercover parking that you are made to pay for. Most shopping centres charge you to park in their parking facility. Fair enough, what can one do. But I get the hee-bee-gee-beez when I unlock my car and I am arrested by people wanting to wash my car (ok shame, these guys I need to just be patient with) and the other dude waving hello and signaling that he will watch my car in exchange for money. Hello? I though the fact that I drove into this premium priced parking space with a boom gate meant that my car was going to be relatively safe. And parking is not cheap I tell you! NOW I must still pay some other random dude to “watch” my car? I don’t get it? And I feel baaaad not to give dude something but really, who’s really been suckered here? More so when he is nowhere near my car and then comes rushing to direct me out of the parking? Oh wait, are these guys just there to direct you out of your parking? Is this like a value added service? Do you pay for parking AND pay the man in his reflective shiny “car guard” jacket?

  1. Who are these people who like their own statuses on Facebook and favourite their own tweets on Twitter? At first I thought it was pretty funny but now it really makes me wonder what goes on in their heads:  “Today is going to be a good day! Happy Tuesday friends!”(Ah, that was such a nice status if I may say so myself, let me like it!) What? No man! Stop it! Look if you’ve really done something amazing like won a hot dog eating competition or picked up all the dog poo in your yard, then yes go ahead and like that status, you deserve it, but liking every single thing you say YOURSELF is a bit weird. I love it that you have such a high self esteem, your ooze confidence, that’s great, really I do believe that you can’t love others unless you love yourself,  but go easy on the public self love. Come on, who are the closet self-likers? Have you ever liked your own status? And pray tell, WHY?? Sidenote: have you ever liked something by mistake? I do this ALL the time while stalking people’s FB pages. And then I quickly unlike. And then I have a sleepless night wondering if the person saw that I liked and unliked. But still, I’d rather mistakenly like someone else’s status than openly like my own.


7 thoughts on “Random questions I need answers to please.”

  1. Hahahaha….thank you for brightening my icky day!
    I hate being directed out of a parking space. I now have to watch the cars and the car guard (so I do not end up killing him). I have had one direct me right into the tow bar(lucky for me) of a huge Jeep. My fault I should have watched where I was going instead of his waving hand. Car guards make me feel bad. So I pay them anyway, before I get into the car in the hopes they will leave me alone.

  2. I know you’re probably just venting but thought I’d try respond to some of your questions anyway 🙂

    1. I haven’t responded to them, although I’ve received plenty of the same messages. They are money making scams, as featured on CB a while back. Here is a link http://youtu.be/Mzl8h0J-DUY to an online investigation conducted where some individuals were caught, that is very similar in mechanics.

    2. I work for an American company and our IT policies seem pretty similar. Although IT punts the use of IE, all allocated hardware comes pre-installed with it, we’re able to install Chrome. The main reason though is because IE is deemed to provide a more secure online environment for businesses because of the file sharing, and viruses that compromise the company’s network.

    3. If I park past the boom gate I don’t pay the guard, I’m already paying the parking company. Outdoors, if the guard is around when I arrive, that is sees exactly what car I’m driving, then I will pay. If they only suddenly pop up when I’m driving out .. then only if they assist me reversing out or unpack my trolley. That said, some, are also assisting with the remote jamming of your alarm systems at these very same boomed parking and outdoors …

    4. Feel the same way about peeps who like their own statuses, and sometime they not even that significant, it’s true! There’s a lag time between when you click like and it appearing on the other users updates..

  3. Ooooh I got my share of the deceased estate. I also got asked for my bank account so the bridging finance from the lottery could draw some interest. AND I won a trip to the world cup. My DH uses Internet Explorer 10 and LOVES it. Says he can’t go back to Chrome. That’s saying a lot. I played around with it. Alas. I’m too used to Chrome and Firefox that happens to actually be my favourite. In CT there are no car guards if there’s a paid parking? Well, not that I’m aware of. I would probably give some change if I had. And yes, I DO wonder about the people who like their own statuses too. I suspect it’s a vanity thing.

  4. I’ve liked my Instagram statuses by mistake. It’s called being mixed up with FB and IG. Someone comments on my photo, I like the comment and accidentally “like” my photo. Isn’t that normal? 🙂

    Poor car guards. I think they have it rough.

    BUT I pay a LOT of insurance for a good reason. I don’t pay them if I’m already paying inside the shopping centre but I will pay if they’re helping me with children/ trolleys/ shopping. GLADLY!!!! My two are a handful.

    If there is no paid parking (one shopping centre near us), I look for the guard, give strict instructions (are you surprised?!) and say “what’s your name?” I’m going to be x mins and I want you to watch this car. Then I’ll give them R5 when I’m back. I figure rather R5 (R10 at night or in the street somewhere) than a R2000 excess!!!!!

  5. LOL! I would be a gazzilionaire by now I get those messages at least 2-3 times a week! I wonder if anyone responds. I know a radio station once called and it was hilarious to say the least.

    You are not alone on IE! I think most corporates use it. As a matter if fact I think we even still use an older version. For security reasons we never move to the newer version until it is tried and tested and the security is well entrenched and I know it is the same with hubby’s office. Quite frustrating when you are trying to do stuff and you keep getting the message your Browser is out of date. I’ve never used chrome but I do like Firefox.

    Luckily most of the shops I go to don’t have parking guards in “secured” paid parking. But depending on my mood I might give someone a little change even if he didn’t really look after the car! I don’t think they are really equipped to look after the card they just run up and down to help you reverse when you are leaving in my opinion! If I had my way I would only go to malls with free or flat rate parking, I feel it’s highway robbery to charge so much for parking in a shopping mall. #justsaying

    Ha ha ha, I’m not big on FB so very rarely would I post something much less like it! But I guess it might be an error sometimes (or not) but I’ve mistakenly liked my own pic on IG which I promptly unliked! It is a given that if you posted it you already liked it

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