Easter! Yes! Can’t wait!

I’m excited about Easter this year. Firstly because it’s my husband’s first Easter at home in three years because he is usually in Cape Town at the Two Oceans and secondly because my most precious’ssssss are coming for the long weekend (my sister and family). And thirdly because I ADORE Easter. I love Easter way more than I do Christmas. For me, Easter is like THE most important event on the Christian calendar, yes yes yes Christmas is important – it’s the birth of Jesus, yes of course I get that. But Easter is like HUGE. HUUUUGE. The King of the World, the Savior, the Lord of Lords DIED for us. And THEN… He rose again and reigns forever. I mean that is the cornerstone of our faith. That is like UH-MAZING. Here’s a bad photo of the billboard currently outside our church, it gives me goosebumps.



The Catholic church is big on symbolism and tradition as we know, and growing up I must say that I enjoyed the pomp and ceremony of the Easter season in the Catholic church. Reenacting Palm Sunday, the Last Supper and the Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday, the solemnity of Good Friday with enough incense to start a fire, and of course the celebration of the Risen Christ on Sunday. But aside from the ceremonial stuff, which is just that, Easter is like THE best thing that happened in the history of the world. You get that, right?

Anyway, I digress.

The other tradition that comes with Easter is PICKLED FISH. WOO HOOO! Please don’t ask why we only wait for this time of the year to make this dish, but perhaps it’s a good thing. Having it just once a year makes it that much more special. I blogged last year about the Pickle Fish thing and asked if it was only a Coloured thing and turns out it isn’t, but I think the Coloured community take their Pickled Fish pretty seriously. So because I am hosting Easter this year, I need to make the Pickled Fish. Here’s a picture of my sister’s Pickled Fish from last year. You see that turmeric yellow? You see those big chunky onions? You see those black pepper corns? THIS is what real Picked Fish is supposed to look like – the fish is underneath all of those onions for those of you who are wondering. Sidenote and funny story: husband and I had our first Easter together in London like a million years ago and I tried to impress him with Pickled Fish and used a WHOLE bottle of vinegar to brine the bloody fish… OH MY SOUL, it was bad. BAD. My recipe has vastly improved since then.

 pickled fish


Hot cross buns. Everyday. All day. We’ve been through a few dozen already. But all of a sudden, these two banana children of mine decide they don’t eat hot cross buns because they don’t like bread and raisins together? Happy to eat raisins on their own. Or bread on its own. But not raisins in bread. But if I toast it and put loads of butter, all of a sudden bread and raisins are cool together. Totally cool. They can eat 3 of those in a row (three halves, not whole buns).

Easter eggs. FOR ONCE I am ahead of the curve and have already bought and stashed my Easter eggs. Usually, I’m the person crying in the chocolate aisle, staring at empty shelves which only house the broken eggs which nobody wanted to buy. But this year I am prepared. And can we just take a moment of silence for the Beacon box of marshmallow eggs which has escalated to SEVENTY SOUTH AFRICAN RONDS this year? Seriously? I understand inflation, but R70?? I got mine for R57 at Spar and even that I bought grudgingly. We use these for the annual Easter egg hunt and this year I have a lekker big yard for it so I am really excited. Although I’ll admit the first thought that crossed my mind when I was planning the hunt in my head is WHAT will I do with Rocky? That dog has a nose like … well like a dog. He will sniff those marshmallows out and devour them before Christ has even risen.

So there’ll be lots of church and lots of chocolate and lots of laughs and lots of tears as we remember the greatest sacrifice ever made. I LOVE EASTER!!! CAN’T WAIT!!! Is Easter big for you?


5 thoughts on “Easter! Yes! Can’t wait!”

  1. I think pickled fish is a coloured thing, or at least not a white thing. D and his family had never ever heard about this….. and since I can’t make it, I haven’t had pickled fish for 22 years (since I was last home at Easter!) Although our PA took pity on me one year when she heard this and brought me a tiny piece that was left from their fish and I devoured it right there and then – delicious!

    I actually don’t like Easter – I can’t BEAR the thought of Jesus going through all that. I can’t even look at the posters and I go to the loo when they do the ad for our annual play. I haven’t been to an Easter play since we “had to” when we were pastors, that was in 2001.

    yes, I’m a big wuss!!!!

  2. Oh I love that billboard. I adore Easter in church – the wonder of Easter Sunday when we all take flowers to church to decorate the wooden cross.

    We also do Easter egg hunt but in the driveway part of the garden where the dogs can not come after loosing too many Easter eggs to puppies. I hide the good stuff for the hunt and we eat the marshmallow ones for the whole period when they get into the shops till the last sales are done. A does not like them much though.

    I better buy some as I will be recouping over Easter

  3. I had never heard of pickled fish until I was 26 and then my husband said how yummy it was. One day I bought a can at the supermarket. I cringed. I have never eaten it ever and I am not sure I could. To be fair this is coming from someone who was vegetarian for 15 years.
    Enjoy Easter. I did not realise how much of an event it is. (Again from someone who is not Christian/Catholic…not sure what the correct term is, forgive me)

  4. I ADORE the Easter period. Definitely more than Christmas. Easter is IT for me. I love that it’s not such a rush like Christmas and that it doesn’t co-incide with the end of the year rush.
    I love that whole week from Palm Sunday right through to Easter Sunday – it’s the only time of the year when I TRULY enjoy the Catholic Church. The symbolism is just BEAUTIFUL and actually makes me cry A LOT.
    I find Holy Thursday Mass to be incredibly moving. The washing of the feet right through to the last supper. The Feeler in me can’t cope with the fact that Jesus sat and had a meal with people who were actually about to stab him in the back so-to-speak. And the fact that he wants them to wait up and pray with him and then they fall asleep? The fact that he knows what’s about to happen? The fact that He is sooooo afraid? Oh my hat. I cannot fathom that He actually did it willingly.
    Good Friday is usually spent with my parents where we do pickled fish among other things. You’re right, it’s very special because it’s really the only time of the year when we eat it.
    I have no idea how to make pickled fish and I have no intention of learning how to do it either. My Mom makes it, my MIL does too. I eat it but I am not that big a fan of it anyway. I don’t have Easter Eggs sorted yet. I’m quite last minute with that. I go for one Easter Egg per kid. My family spoils them rotten even though I act out about it every single year!

  5. I haven’t done much for Easter in a long time but growing up it was huge – Palm Sunday and all the festivities surrounding Easter. Love it. And back then the film Jesus of Nazareth used to be shown every Easter over three days of the long Easter weekend – I never got tired of watching it every year. Now that I’m older I’m not sure I can stomach watching the movie!

    Pickled fish, I think I first read about it on your blog or Julia’s. Definitely not something we eat and I’m not big on Easter eggs either – shocking I know considering my sweet tooth. This year there will be loads of pictures taken and church to celebrate the day

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