Hannah can tie her laces. Brag post. Look away.

Ok serious brag post coming up. If listening to others brag makes you queasy, as it does me, then look away NOW.

But hell, I have to say SOMETHING. And besides, I have to say nice things about the kids here and there because when they read this one day, it can’t ALL be about how HARD parenting was and how sucky they were as kids sometimes. So here goes…

Because I am not a mother who compares her two children. Me? No! Never… I went back on my blog to see when Liam learned to tie his shoe laces. It was on the 16th July last year. That would have made him 4 years and 4 months. And let me tell you, I thought THAT was bloody awesome. I thought he was a wonderboy for doing that.

So this morning we’re on the way to school after a SERIOUS meltdown of epic proportions over wardrobe issues (Hannah). To give you some background.. every evening the  kids choose their OWN clothes for the following day. Liam pulls out the first thing he sees, puts it out and moves onto the next thing. Hannah spends about 15 minutes deciding what to wear, then changes her mind, then changes her mind again, then goes back to the original outfit. So you can see she puts a lot of thought and effort into this. Her new favourite thing to do is to wear Liam’s hand-me-downs – every other day I’m throwing things out his wardrobe and adding it to the pile for The Grace Factory because he has outgrown stuff, and she’ll go through the pile and decide what she wants to keep. Now there are some items that this can work for, but because she is a girl and he is a boy (hello) there are some items of clothing that she CAN’T take over. Like big baggy boy jeans. And please, before you judge, I let her wear whatever, whenever, I don’t force her to wear dresses and the like, I’m pretty chilled about what she wears. But boy jeans that hang slightly off the butt, low slung with patches and seams – which look WAAAY cool on Liam, just don’t fit her nicely. She looks weird in them. Seriously. Anyway, after choosing her outfit last night, THIS MORNING she changes her mind and wants to wear these jeans of Liam’s. First of all, I was annoyed that she was making changes at the 11th hour. I DO NOT ALLOW morning changes, you made your choice last night now live with it because we are going to be LATE. Secondly, I didn’t like those jeans for her at all. Oh she CRIED. BITTERLY. I shouted. A LOT.

Anyway. There’s nothing else to say. She won. She wore the jeans. But we were both really pissed off with each other.

Right. So the ride in wasn’t exactly happiness and sunshine. Everyone was rather subdued and she pipes up from the backseat. Mama, I can tie my shoelaces. And because I have never ever shown her how, it’s not even come up yet, Liam or I just tie her laces for her, I didn’t take her seriously at all. I’m all like “yeh, yeh, that’s great, wonderful, whatever.” We get to school and we’re early, so she hops into the front seat and she says look, I can tie my laces! So I’m like OK, show me. And she DOES! I was like WHAT! WOW! WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT! THAT’S AMAZING! WHAT A GENIUS! WONDERGIRL! WOW! And she’s like “yeh, no big deal, I taught myself.” Ok, she didn’t say that, but the look on her face was one of nonchalance… like it was the most normal thing to do in the WORLD. And she did say she taught herself. So I took photos, made a video, posted online (but of course) made her do it like 548 times and then we went into school. I rush into the class and I yell “TEACHER DONNA, TEACHER VIRGINA, HANNAH CAN TIE HER SHOELACE! SHE’S A GENIUS!” And they look at me like, “yeh, we know, calm down.” And I say, WHAT, YOU GUYS KNEW  AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME?!!! So apparently she’s been doing it for a few weeks now, along with a few other kids in the class (so she isn’t a genius after all). But still, THREE YEARS OLD AND TYING LACES? I think that’s bloody marvelous? Her little fingers are nimble, maybe I should sign her up for piano… or… sewing… ah, or picking out bad potatoes on a production line?

Whatevs, she’s a child genius. Love this child.

ps: check the jeans rolled up… arrgghh.

shoe 1

shoe 2

shoe 3

10 thoughts on “Hannah can tie her laces. Brag post. Look away.”

  1. Go Hannah! That’s great! I’m happy the teachers didn’t tell you so at least you got to experience her new skill without much expectations

    Many girls with older brothers end up dressings like their brothers as far as I know. My baby sister would only wear shorts for the longest time. And now she’s a girly girl. I think some battles are just not worth it, I learnt from my mom who is a very conservative person who thinks girls should not wear shorts or trousers

  2. Aah my precious! So proud of you Miss H! Yeah! You’re growing too quickly! Clever girl! Awesome moment Robs! Xxx

  3. good job, Hannah (as my kids say to one another) (I LOVE IT!)

    ps i saw your comment on Julia’s blog about your fearless mom and I just decided I love her more than I already did after meeting her. that she brought her SEWING machine to sew things for you still kills me!!!!

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