Watch out Picasso.

So as parents, we’ve all been in the boat where our kids ask us to draw them a picture or a certain item.. like a dog, a car, and so on. When their demands become a bit too higher grade for me, I tell them to go read a book or play outside or something. This, after I attempt to draw “a monkey with a banana hanging out of a banana tree” and they look at me with pure confusion and disgust at my poor attempt at a drawing which, clearly, only Picasso can draw. Or so I thought…

The other day we were visiting friends, and the kids were busy colouring in. My eye spotted one of the books they were using and I was like WHO DREW THIS??? In this book were the most intricate drawings of aeroplanes that land on water, teddy bears, trucks and cars. All drawn free hand. My friend pipes up nonchalantly that SHE drew them for the kids. “Don’t your kids ask you to draw the strangest things?” she asks without blinking. I’m like YES AND USUALLY I JUST SAY NO I CAN’T DRAW THAT! But this friend is a regular ‘ol Picasso! She looks at a picture and can basically copy it, I think that’s amazing! I look at a picture and can still only draw one dimensional things.. like a square or a triangle or a circle. Please tell me I am not alone in this?

I didn’t know she had this hidden talent! I encouraged her to put it to good use; we decided that we’re going to write a book together. I’ll come up with the story line and she can illustrate it! You don’t believe me? Look at these pictures?



She told me they don’t buy colouring books, she draws pictures and the kids colour those. Isn’t that cool? Her kids must think she is ÜBER cool! Mine have come to the sad realization that neither art nor Lego are my strong points. But I am a good “cooker” apparently. I make the best food in the world. So there.

Friend, I think you and your talent are amazing! xxx


6 thoughts on “Watch out Picasso.”

  1. We have not reached the point of being asked to draw things just yet. However, I must admit I do like playing with the Lego and puzzles, etc.
    We all have different talents and we learn to capitalise on those.
    We do not realise it, but we all have something, someone else wants.

  2. I draw stick men but I make stories so I’ll say “look, this one is giving this one a hug and a kiss. who does that remind you of?” (me!) but somehow they like my little people. When they ask for animals, I say “go ask your father” who is also not good but has more patience than I do.

    PS Liam will want his wife to cook like you so YAY! Speaking of which, can you make a nice breyani? And when can we come over? 🙂

  3. I can’t draw. Luckily my BF is a BRILLIANT artist. I also don’t buy colouring books – would never waste my money like that. I download printables for colouring in and for join-the-dots. Not sure what they feel I am talented at. Should I ask?
    I think your friend is BRILLIANT.

  4. I can’t draw to save my life. Seth on the other hand can whip up the most amazing things without any effort. It’s probably why I do insurance for a living and he’s an architect.

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