Why else did you have kids if not for the free labour?

I am LOVING this age. LOVINGGGG this age. The age of “go-fetch.” Come on now, don’t make like you haven’t enjoyed sending your little ones here and there for this and that. This weekend we spent a lot of time at home, which was LOVELY. But even lovelier than that, was been able to lay on the couch and send the kids off when I needed a blankie, or needed the remote, or needed my handbag or needed someone to fill Rocky’s water bowl. The list goes on… Also I love this age when THEY love helping out. I mean I have two people fighting over who’s going to do stuff for me… what’s not to like?

They switch on the outside lights when the sun goes down, and switch them off for me when the sun rises. They tie my shoe laces, and insist on taking my shoes off and packing them away when I get home in the evening. One sets the dinner table and the other takes the crockery and the cutlery from the kitchen to the table. They replace the toilet rolls when they run out… do you know how BIG a deal this is for me? I live with a man who doesn’t understand that once you get to the brown part of the toilet roll, it means it is finished and it needs to be thrown away and a new one inserted onto the holder. For YEARS, I have yelled from inside a closed toilet for “SOMEONE TO PLEASE GET ME A BOG ROLL BECAUSE SOMEONE DID NOT REPLACE THE OLD ROLL!!” Now, the kids do this all by themselves.

They fetch scissors! And carry them properly. There are so many times I need a pair of scissors, is this just me? To cut a lose thread, or to take the tag off something, or to open a container… and I can NEVER find the scissors in that house, even though between the kids and I, we own at least 5 pairs. But now, I yell for a scissors and off they go to hunt down a pair.

They get stuff while I’m cooking. You know when you’re in the middle of something that needs your attention on the stove, and you can’t step away… like in the middle of a white sauce and you need more milk or Maziena or something, one yell and they come running, grab the step ladder if it’s too high and get whatever I need out of the pantry cupboard.

They can CHARGE my devices! I never have a dead device because they make sure my stuff is charged on time! They will pop it into the plug point for me.. first switch off at the wall, insert, switch on at the wall. Strict instructions lest they burn themselves and the house down.

They can occupy Rocky. Some days I just don’t have time to play with Rocky. I know, I know, one shouldn’t have a pet unless you are going to treat it as part of the family. But honestly, there are days when I get home late, and I still need to cook or sort stuff out and I don’t have even 15 minutes to take him for a walk. So I send the kids out and they do laps around the garden to stretch his legs. Works like a charm.

They do stuff for each other. Hannah can’t open her own wardrobe because she can’t reach the handle yet. She used to grab the step ladder and help herself if I wasn’t in the vicinity…until I discovered she was damaging my laminate floors with that blasted step ladder. Now instead of calling me, I’ve told her to call Liam when she needs help opening wardrobes. Only call me if Liam is otherwise occupied – that is the instruction. They also lotion each other’s backs after bath time. This is the one zone they can’t reach, and I’ve taught them to help each other so that I can do other things. Like play Candy Crush, after bath time.

They do just about everything for themselves… except run the bath water. I’m still afraid of hot water. And I still brush Hannah’s hair. Other than that, unless I am in the mood, they are pretty much parenting themselves right now. And doing all the chores that Hubby and I don’t want to do.

This parenting thing is a JOY RIDE!!!

However, I am well aware that one day in our very near future, they are going to turn around and ask “why?”  Like WHY should we do this or that, why can’t you do it yourself… followed by lots of feet stomping and eye rolling and lip pouting. So for now, I shall relish in the moment of having my kids run GOOD circles around me. Hey, I did it for them for the last 5 years. Pay back time, baby.


7 thoughts on “Why else did you have kids if not for the free labour?”

  1. My favourite is getting Ethan to fetch my slippers…only problem is that he generally comes back with one slipper and one other shoe that he thinks is “nice” and he tells me just to “try it” and refuses to go back for the other slipper! Can’t wait till he gets to Liam and Hannah’s age 🙂

  2. Well Cameron has already said to me ,”it must be nice to have children, hey? So you can send us all over!” He’s figured it out! Hahahahaha! Xxx

  3. wellllllll tonight (it may have been tiredness after we got home after driving the whole day, it feels like) but K said, “why do WE also have to work?” and I said, “because we’re ALL tired and the quicker it all gets done, the quicker we can relax” 🙂

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