Mother’s Day meanderings…

I had a GREAT Mother’s Day. From the handmade trinkets, to the cards with beautiful words that made me cry, to my nice warm slippers which I requested and received (here’s a tip for you: if you TELL them what you want, you are likely to get it and not suffer the disappointment of another kitchen appliance – although I LOVE receiving kitchen appliances!) It was perfect. It started off on a shaky note, because one little girl couldn’t find her gift… but I blame her father for this. It was exactly where she said she had put it, but they didn’t look properly and I eventually came out of the bathroom to put the fire out – her father was yelling “I told you to put it away safely” and her brother was also giving her a lecture about not looking after her stuff… I shooed the boys out of her room, spoke gently to her and offered to help her look for it and we found it together and seeing her smile through her tears was my Mother’s Day made RIGHT THERE. I could have said good bye and thank you for coming and ended the day right there because it was just that moment that made me appreciate the honour of being called a Mom. You know when you do something for your kid that makes them happy, when they give you that smile that says I love you the MOST in the world. Even stuff like making a peanut butter, jam and butter sandwich (that’s what he calls it and in that order) for Liam and he tells me that I’m the best “cooker” and no one makes it like I do… and I laugh and say ANYONE can smear some jam on a sandwich, boy! And he says, no, not like you. Yeh, it’s those moments that define motherhood for me.

We went to church and spent the rest of the day in the kitchen together. We had a simple lazy-aged-steak-and-veggies lunch and we made Siba’s Sunday Trifle for the first time. I am not a trifle person, but this one was different – cream cheese, berry reduction, etc. It was nice. And that’s the only adjective I can use. It didn’t blow my hair back, it wasn’t earth shattering… it was just OK.

We watched some soccer – last weekend of the EPL, I was NOT going to get out of that. And spent the rest of the day on the couch, with the kids playing somewhere in the background -occasionally bringing me bugs, seeds and weeds from the garden as further Mother’s Day thanks offerings. I had to eventually tell them to stop bringing this rubbish into the house.

I had a great day, I felt loved and appreciated. My children are at the age where they have a clearer understanding about what the day is actually about so it was fun to chat to them around why I am the most awesome mother in the world (to them). I told them that Mother’s Day was the one day in the year where I was the queen and they were the servants and they had to do everything I told them to do. Their response? You do that to us every day, mummy! Touché! Little buggers!

Personally, I felt a sense of achievement. Mostly, I feel inadequate and completely under qualified to parent. Not because I am a bad mother, but rather because mothering is bloody difficult, it comes with MANY challenges and I truly feel like I’m just making it up as I go along and I have this constant sense of “what-the-heck-was-that” when I hear myself speak / teach / grow with them. But you know what… I KNOW that I am THE BEST mother for my Liam and Hannah. I am proud of the little people they have turned out to  be.

I spoke to a mom at the #jozimeetup (will be blogging about this awesome little event soon) and she and her daughter are slap-bang in the middle of “that” stage… the Terrible Twos even when your kid is WAY over two years old. I was glad to tell her with absolute certainty that it is TRULY just a phase. They grow up and out of it so quickly, even though it feels like forever when you’re in it, and I could attest to the fact that I was there, I made it out alive, and I have the scars to prove it! I hope I encouraged her, because that’s what this journey is also about. Us moms still in the trenches need to support each other, because it’s tough out there!

I hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day. I hope you felt loved and appreciated. I hope that you know what an amazing job you are doing even if nobody tells you so. This whole giving birth to a life (and by that I refer to any means in which your little one found his or her way to you), nurturing that life, protecting that life, sacrificing for that life – it’s probably THE one most important role and function in the world, and you are doing it. That’s amazing. Well done.

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