What would YOU buy a 4 year old? Help please!

It’s Hannah’s birthday on Monday. How is this child four years old already? Anyway, we’ve been asking her for the longest time what she would like for her birthday, and she always has the same answer:  “anything you would like to buy for me mama.” This child. Then I’ll say ok, but is there anything special you’d like just for yourself? And she’ll say “anything special you would like to give me.” Then last night they were grumbling about how all their koki pens were dry, so I suggested that Hannah get some for her birthday and she said “yes, Liam and I would like that alot.” But what do YOU want, baby? I know the age of I-want-this-and-I-want-that is coming, but I do love this age when really anything will do.

But what do you buy a girl who has everything? And by everything I mean the small simple everyday things that little kids play with. I don’t buy gadgets. I wanted to buy them electronic gadgets for Christmas but I’m glad we didn’t go through with it. I have nothing against gadgets, but while they still enjoy cars and trains and dolls and tea sets (read:cheap stuff), I figure I’ll run with it. They play on the computer and the iPad and I think that’s enough technology for the time being. So what to buy for a little girl who wants anything?

What I do know, is that at this age, the pleasure derived from unwrapping is almost the same as the pleasure derived from actually playing with the gift. So as is customary in our house, I’ll wrap a whole lot of little things. I do wish I could think of one special thing? Any ideas? What are 4 year old girls playing with these days? My soon to be four year old plays with everything and anything, so while she is not difficult to buy for, her wide area of interest also means there is nothing that she TRULY TRULY TRULY desires. This is a good thing, but makes buying her a special gift difficult afterall! Conundrum much? Her aunty bought her an early birthday gift: you know the wind up jewellery box  with the little ballerina who spins around and around to music when you open it. She LOVES this little thing. Her most prized possession. I don’t think anything would top that.

So give me some ideas? What would YOU buy a 4 year old girl? And they don’t have to be girly things either, so if there’s something awesome that a 4 year old boy in your life loves, I’ll take those suggestions too, please!


18 thoughts on “What would YOU buy a 4 year old? Help please!”

  1. I don’t have a 4year old, let alone a 4year old girl but what about those little sets where you make your own jewellery. Not sure whether it’s age appropriate but I’m sure it’s not too expensive and it’s something that you guys can also do together that she can wear with her dresses???

    1. She loves that stuff, so I think I will get some of those too. Good idea. But guess who beat me to hand made jewellery too.. AUNTY! Aunty buys EVERYTHING and ruins all my surprises!!

  2. Hmmm, I only have an almost 3-year old boy but my stab:
    1. A really pretty fluffy ribbony girly dress to go with the jewellery.
    2. Lego…who does not love Lego (I love it except when I step on an errant piece)
    3. A play dough set (or you can make up your own dough)..the kind with the stencils and cutters and beads and stuff like that.
    4. Koki pens/crayons.oil pastels
    5. A rag doll
    6. Books…they are never too young for book presents…my little one picks his own books over toys.
    7. A mummy-daughter day, complete with pretty dresses, great food, playing in the park and photos.
    8. Bicycle? Liam needs one too to make it worth the fun.
    I am making my 3 year old a tent with cushions and quilt. Maybe Hannah has outgrown that by now?

    1. That those last two sentences sounds so wrong…I am only making those things because I love to sew, not because I am some superwoman type, I am anything but.

      1. Lady, you got me at make my own play dough.. as simple as it is, I would rather BUY than MAKE! lol! Please post pics of your tent, I may commission you to make us one??

    2. What an awesome list! Mummy / daughter day sounds fantastic although logistics are awkward as a single married mother! Perhaps I will pull her out of school just for lunch, just the two of us, on Monday? That’s a super cool treat, right? THANKS!

  3. Hi, my boy like traditional (old school) toys. Blocks, leggos, anything that he can build and create. I gave him his first set at around age 3. And then just built it from there. He never gets tired of them and there are so many variations.

    1. Lego is a no-brainer-absolute-winner in my house too! Kids never tire of playing with it. And now that I’ve found a cheap knock off Lego place, I don’t mind buying it.. It’s helluva expensive normally! Will definitely through some Lego into this birthday mix! thanks for commenting!

  4. 4 year old girls love dress-up, imaginative and creative play. Bags, dresses, skirts, fairy wings, necklaces, etc. (sadly). My MIL has a box of treasure and she loves all the stuff she gets to do there – they play shop (with currency from MIL’s travels, empty boxes of cereal, coffee, etc.), necklaces and old earrings, etc…..

    My one also loves nail polish and hair things. LORD, the hair things – they are fascinated with all things PRETTY at this age.

    That said, I still like to encourage them to use their brains so I do like Lego and blocks (which can be pretty)

    1. My girl isn’t really a girly girl! She has the odd moment, but on the whole, the less fluff and glitter, the better! I got her some hair stuff and stashed it a while back because it came with the cutest note pad and set of pretty pens! So she’ll love that! Your MIL’s treasure box sounds awesome..would love to start a box of my own for us? Good idea!

      1. the dress up is not only for girly girls. It’s apparently a 4-year-old thing for both genders according to that most fabulous book I keep recommending – your 4-year-old, wild and wonderful.

        what did you decide on?

      2. She got a gazillion things based on the suggestions! She was still unwrapping gifts before bed time last night. She had a great birthday!

    1. Cat we have bikes, scooters, skateboards, and even those wheely shoes.. there is an abundance of movable objects. They are both due for a bike upgrade, but I like to buy those sort of things together, for both.. at like Christmas or whatever, purely because if one has a magnificent beautiful bike and the other is still stuck with their little one.. I have to deal with all sorts of “emotions” and explanations.. which of course is fine, but if I can avoid the drama, I do! Barbie Lego FTW!

  5. I think a few hours of alone time with mommy would be a great gift. Except for a 4 yr old it might be go over her head and she’ll ask Liam to come along or she’s not going 🙂

    Our kids are truly blessed I sometimes think that’s why we battle to come up with gifts to get for them

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