1st half of the year. Gone.

So now that the reading bug has hit, what next? Well we have been VERY busy flash-carding our lives away. My friend Merese has been really helpful with study material as she is in the throes of learning to read with her boy, Cooper. I can’t tell you how fascinating I find the whole thing and how consumed I am with it. I’m sure the novelty will wear off as he becomes a more fluent reader and doesn’t need me to coach him as much, but for now, it feels good to have this little “project” going on in our house. And it affects us all, Hannah is very busy learning her words too… I suspect she will read sooner than Liam did, second children mostly learn everything quicker because of their older sibling, don’t they? Also, because my two are so close in age, their milestones are really neck-and-neck, so it’s great that they are learning together.


So I discovered that those bridging words I spoke about in my last post are actually called SIGHT words… thanks to all the moms who quickly corrected me 🙂 The internet is a wonderful thing, I googled it and discovered hundreds and hundreds of free printables of hundreds and hundreds of SIGHT words. Turns out reading is a big business, who would have thought! Ha. So initially I just printed, laminated and cut out cards. Then a cousin of mine left a comment on my Facebook page about grouping ten or so cards and attaching them to an O-ring… I adapted her suggestion and came up with this:

flash 2

I initially only put 10 cards on a ring, but this child of mine whizzed through them so quickly, that I just kept adding and adding until we got to about 30 or so cards (I think, I haven’t counted). He learned those in a day, so I started a second batch with more difficult words and we’re working our way through this ring, while still going over the first ring… repetition is good, right? But this O-ring idea is great because he carries them all over, we use them in the car, he takes them outside and teaches Rocky, our Rottie, his words. NOT a good idea, Rocky almost had them in his mouth yesterday. ALMOST. Sjoe. So I thought it was a handy tip to share. I also use the regular flash cards to stir things up a bit, because I felt like he was preempting the words on the ring because he had remembered what was coming next, rather than actually looking at the word (obviously they are in a certain order on the ring). This child has a serious memory on him. I’ve downloaded a few free readers, but would like to get my hands on some PHYSICAL copies… I have this weird romantic idea that READING a book, feeling the pages under your fingers, smelling the dust as you turn the page… it’s all part of the experience, isn’t it? I thought they were a bit pricey online, so I’ll shop around this weekend, preferably for second hand books because I feel we are going to be buying lots more books in the next few months. I’m trying really hard not to overdo it (uh oh, maybe too late for that) because I’d hate for him to become bored with this whole thing because I am tiger mom-ing him into reading. I want to keep it fun and light hearted and keep him keen. That’s my plan anyway.

Aside from reading, there is lots going on which I need to blog about. Our weekend in Port Shepstone where Hannah had the best birthday ever. Yes, we are still celebrating her birthday. I’m sure some of you saw the photos on IG. I’m also cutting and colouring my hair on Monday. Even though I was adamant that I was never ever ever cutting my hair short AGAIN after THIS:


 I liked the style, but the maintenance. Yoh. Hard work. But having long hair becomes a bit boring when all you do with it is have it down and then lob it into a pony tail. What’s the point of all this hair if you aren’t going to play with it and style it and make it look pretty? So I’m thinking a shorter cut will shake things up a bit. Worst case scenario, it will grow back, right? Mozambique next month: CANNOT.WAIT. Looking SO forward to that little holiday. Funny story about when we went to apply for the kids passports: according to the South African government, Liam doesn’t belong to me. As in, on the country’s register or whatever it is called, I am listed as having one child only, and that child is Hannah. Liam has a birth certificate so yes he was born, but no one knows who his actual mother is. Scary hey? We would never have discovered this had we not applied for a passport. Luckily they picked him up on Husband’s name, and we had a certified marriage certificate so they were happy to issue his passport based on this. Now I need to apply for an unabridged certificate in order to have him linked to me. CRAZY stuff.

Last week I got tonsillitis for the first time in my LIFE. OH.MY.WORD. Like there’s having a sore throat. And THEN THERE’S TONSILITIS!!!! Felt really bad about all the times I’ve told my kids to suck it up when they complain about having a sore throat. Also the body pain, oh I felt like a sick dog. And felt more sorry for myself because there was no one to look after me AND the kids were also sick 😦 I also took Liam BACK to the doc for his post nasal drip, she started saying words like asthma and I was like NO WAY we are not accepting that, thank you very much, give him an antibiotic and he will be FINE. Hannah had inflamed errr’thing… throat, ears, nasal passages… so all three of us were popping pills last week. First time in my working career that I got a sick note! That was quite a thrill!

So lots going on. Good stuff. Keeping us busy and out of trouble. Can’t believe it’s June already. Well when I look at my medical aid statement I can believe it’s June. But yeh, time ain’t standing still. We had a relatively good 1st half of the year. We had our ups and downs, but we made it! What can you say for your 1st half of the year? Hope it was good? Xx

10 thoughts on “1st half of the year. Gone.”

  1. I love the hair in that picture, it is beautiful….I wish mine would behave for longer than a half hour.
    That is a good idea to use the rings, so you do not have flash card snow all over.

  2. I think the short hair is beautiful! Can not wait to see how you will look. And such a great holiday to look forward to. I also love the words idea.

    Is June not part of the first 6 months? Although I guess if you see December as a holiday month we may be close to half way

  3. Hey Missy, there are still 25 days before we’re at the half way mark. I usually then send out a goals update to my list 🙂

    Love the shorter hair.

    Listen, I need to blog about this reading thing. everybody’s told me (pvt schooled, govt schooled, teachers, etc.) don’t push the reading – they’ll be bored in grade 1….how do you feel? (email – i don’t come back to check blog comments on wordpress – too much of a mission)

    And look at you. I’m going to call you Flashcard Mom from now onwards 🙂 🙂


  4. Fantastic idea with the flash cards! Am definitely going to remember it when the time comes … I do hope its soon … I’m so looking forward to having a child that can read! 🙂

    I think you look really lovely in the pic with short hair!
    I know what you mean about the long hair … mine is currently long and all I want to do is cut it short again because I know it suits me better (and makes me look younger ;-)) but then there’s all the effort of DOING it since my hair has a mad curl in it! So now its long and either left loose or in a pony as you say … It’s my bday this month so thinking of just taking the plunge and chopping it all off into one of those asymmetrical bobs. Hoping I’m brave enough 🙂

    1. I adore long hair, so does my husband in fact, but I’m oh so ready for a change! ASYMMETRICAL BOB.. YES PLEASE! But a slightly longer one, need to keep my neck warm.. its winter 🙂

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