Many things

Hello. Welcome to my new space. Do you like it? I don’t know if I like it yet. Firstly, because I never do black anything. I am a bright-colours type of person. And even though I need the slimming effect of BLACK, you’ll very seldom find me dressed in anything black. I recently got a black car which is weird. I have a few pairs of black shoes and that’s about it. I remember when I dyed my hair black, back in my twenties… urgh, it was awful. My black kettle used to depress me, so I had to replace it with a clear glass one. I just don’t like black, except on my eyelashes.Which reminds me of this which made me LOL!


 Anyway, I’ll be messing around with my blog for a bit until I find something that I fall in love with. Or maybe I won’t mess around at all – I don’t know. It took me half a day just to make these simple changes, clearly I am techno-challenged.

This weekend was a quiet one, which was just what we needed. It’s been all systems go since systems were invented, so the quiet was most welcomed. We had time to reach this milestone:

 This kid was the most excited boy on the block when he got the swing of riding training-wheel free. Clearly he was ready because it took him all of three or four guided pushes from his Dad and he was on his way. Then it took him a few more tries to navigate turning, that made me laugh and I have a few hilarious videos of him falling of his bike while trying to turn. A speech from the biker himself:


Have you been watching the Soccer World Cup? I haven’t. I guess this is because my hubby isn’t home during the week so I am not forced to watch it. Apparently it’s the best world cup in so many years; action packed they say. I guess my disinterest is twofold: Bafana Bafana aren’t participating (no surprises there) and I guess the vibe is different when it’s not in your own country! The closest I’ve gotten to the World Cup is receiving a daily email from our office correspondent who sends a mailer out every day with the eye candy playing on that specific day.

Anti malaria medication. How expensive is it?! So technically, our chances of contracting malaria are very slim. Firstly because we are going literally over the border to Ponto de Oura and secondly because we are going off season (winter). So our risk is greatly reduced. However, I would rather play it safe than be sorry, especially as we are travelling with the kids. My initial request from my doctor was to go on the same medication that hubby and I had used two years ago on our last trip to the area. So I didn’t even question the script. When I went to Dischem on Saturday the cost of this drug was R450 per person! That’s more than the petrol we will pay to get there! So I chatted to the pharmacist and my sister (who is using a much cheaper option) and I’ve since asked my doctor to prescribe a cheaper option. Anyway, the scary part about anti malaria medication are the side effects, across all of the different types… most concerning: they could possibly make you go nuts in the head, hallucinate, have very vivid dreams, bring on depression or anxiety attacks, etc, etc! The last thing I need is to be dealing with crazy people in the middle of nowhere! My doctor didn’t seem too concerned so I’m going on her good faith…

The Flu shot. Seriously, I am never getting it again. I never ever get sick. Like never. I have the immune system of an ox, I have a stomach like a concrete mixer. I never catch bugs and viruses that float around and I never get an upset stomach from “bad” food. I’m just generally a healthy person. Well, I use that term loosely. I don’t eat healthily, I just don’t get sick. But this season, I’ve been sick twice, sick enough to go on antibiotics which I haven’t been on in at least 10 years. And NOW I have the sniffles AGAIN. I can blame it on nothing other than that silly injection. It is most annoying, especially as I single parent during the week so there is no time to crawl into bed and feel sorry for myself, I have to function like a healthy person even though I feel like I need to be left ALONE (read: without my children) to wallow in my illness. What are your experiences with the flu jab? Or with illness in general this Winter season? Are you sicker than normal this year? Or is that just me?

And lastly, you’ll notice a little advertisement on the top left hand corner of the blog. That little button allows you to click through to whatever is advertised. Now hear me out before you roll your eyes… I need money, you need money, this is South Africa with escalating petrol prices and scary interest rates.. WE ALL NEED MONEY. So of course when someone says “ok, we’ll give you a few cents every time someone clicks on that little ad” I jumped at the chance. So there you have it, every time you click on that ad, I get a few cents. So can I ask you to click away like your life depends on it? I promise I will only put ads that I think you would be interested in, for example the current advert is a Sheet Street one for really cool kids linen at a really good price! I’m going to get some of that myself, I promise not to advertise anything ridiculous like Crocs (secretly I love Crocs) or such-and-such Bank (that’s just silly, this is a mommy blog, not a financial institute) or a bathroom-drain-unblocking product (although this may be useful to you at some stage in your life). Just keeping it real with you my loyal readers.

 That’s what’s cracking right now in my neck of the woods… how was your weekend?


12 thoughts on “Many things”

  1. Thank the Lord you put the text on a white background because that’s another one of my pet peeves. I’m just full of the pet peeves these days (it’s the lack of booking my holiday!!!)

    K and I loved the video. Mostly I love hearing you 🙂

    I have never had the flu shot because I 1) hate injections 2) can’t imagine injecting a virus into me.

    that malaria stuff is super expensive!!!!

    And no, I don’t watch the world cup! D does and I HATE IT.

  2. I’m so sorry but the world cup has NOT been action packed. Anything but that. From a “what was expected” point of view, everything’s gone pear shaped as in all the big teams are out and there’ve been a lot of upsets but in my opinion, most of the games have been boring!!!! Thankful that the dreaded midnight ones are over now so that the hubster can go back to being in semi-zombie state, not a full zombie. Well done big boy Liam 🙂

  3. The new layout is not bad, it looks very grown up. I don’t know you, but methinks you need something more fun?
    Good for Liam, he is riding. My little one has not yet worked out how to push the peddles yet, so we are a long way off from taking off training wheels.
    I have zero interest in the world cup. Hubby too, so no one watches in our house.
    We do not do flu vaccines, because most people I know still get sick and even if they say it is not bad sick, I cannot imagine how being sick is a good thing. I do not want to be stabbed only to still get sick. Makes no sense.
    I have been sick twice now. Once was a sniffle, this time was bad but I do work in subzero temps.

  4. Was gonna say something similar to MC … the new blog looks great … though a little formal maybe?? I think more colour and fun to fit in with the feel of your posts and your lovely family would suit better 🙂

    Never do the flu vaccine … though even my doctor friends keep telling me I should!

    I am following the World Cup but haven’t watched many games cos of the timing. Maybe people are saying that it’s action packed cos quite a few of the big teams are out already …

  5. Congrats Liam! A big milestone! I’m green because I can’t ride a bike if my life depends on it!

    The soccer has been wonderful! I’ve seen a few games and been on the edge of my seat! I think it feels like that because the last one was right here. It’s been a World Cup of shock and that’s recipe for fun. The unpredictable and the goal haul! Imagine 2 goals in the first 5 mins of a game!

    I will check out the new layout on a computer and let you know what I think! Though it does remind me of the Niger.ian flag

  6. Awwww…..that is SUCH a milestone! I would be SUPER proud so feel free to just brag away already!
    I have been LOVING the soccer. VERY action-packed and totally unpredictable. We are watching nearly ALL the matches which is why I am so tired.
    Can you believe I have never had the flu shot? Actually, no one that I know gets it. I do know of one or two colleagues who get it religiously every year. Not sure if I will ever go for it to be honest.
    Your blog looks BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE it.

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