Writer’s Bootcamp Day 2: My five favourite English words

This is difficult. If you know me, you know I love my words. Friends who receive emails from me will know I CANNOT write short emails. Blogger friends will know that I CANNOT leave short comments. My husband will tell you that I just don’t shut up.

How could one possibly choose 5 of their favourite words when they speak about a gazillion-trillion a day?

I thought about it long and hard (even though you only have 60 minutes to put these posts together) and I’ve chosen a mix of words and phrases that I use often or have special significance to me.

1. JESUS. I could stop right there. BAM! There is so much power in that one word! However, I’ll quote a song I love to quantify my choice:

Jesus, what a beautiful name
Son of God, Son of Man
Lamb that was slain
Joy and peace, strength and hope
Grace that blows all fear away
Jesus, what a beautiful name

2. Dude. Really, I need to stop with this word. No self respecting mother of two is still saying duuuuuude! But I love it because it has all sorts of connotations.

Firstly used as a friendly greeting: Hey dude! How’s it going?

Used as an expression of agreement: “so you had your hair cut AND coloured, getting brave hey?”  DUUUUUUDE, I know right?!!!

Used to address some random person: “what’s up with that dude?”

3. Bloody

It’s about as exciting as it gets in my household, folks! If you know me, you know I say things like:




4/5. My word! 

“an expression of surprise or dismay”

I say “my word” at least 10 times a day. If you search my blog, I probably say it in posts too. Usually with an “oh” in front of it.

OH MY WORD, I am totes (another favourite word!) enjoying this little bootcamp challenge!

I’m off to Mozambique tomorrow, not sure about the signal or the wi-fi.. so I may need to play catch up when I get back. Take care of yourselves xx


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