Writers Bootcamp Day 3: One of my greatest fears

I am way behind on this challenge due to a mini holiday break , so I’ll catch up as best I can.  Did I mention how liberating it was to be out of contact with the world. No phones, computers, devices – that topic needs a post all to its self.


I didn’t have to think too hard about this topic. I am an over-thinker and an over-analyser by nature, but the things that frighten me the most all relate to my children. Everything else pales in comparison. Largely, I fear for their safety. I fear for their future when I look at our country. I fear for their first broken hearts and for things that I, as their mother, will not be able to fix. I fear for bad report cards and not making friends easily and  for making bad decisions with bad consequences. Logically, I know that every life comes with its fair share of troubles, but I fear for them when trouble strikes. How will they manage? Will I have equipped them enough? Will I be there? Will they be OK?

What I do know is that fear is often something we create all by ourselves in our heads. I know that the things you fear, may never come to pass. I know that fear is a wasted emotion, it is draining, it limits you and often incapacitates you. While it often serves as a warning bell, I do believe that, often, our fears hold us back from experiencing many things – things that could be GOOD for us.  I acknowledge my fears and then I pray about them. Sometimes they go away, sometimes they serve to protect me from making stupid decisions, sometimes they stay forever (I don’t think I’ll ever really feel comfortable in the pitch black).

What are you afraid of?


7 thoughts on “Writers Bootcamp Day 3: One of my greatest fears”

  1. I’m afraid of making the wrong decision that will affect my sons forever. Dramatic, I know. But I’m constantly worried if I’m making the right decision.

  2. Yup … You hit the nail on the head! Ever since having kids all my greatest fears have to do with them as well … things that may happen to them … things that other people may do to them … them getting hurt … failing … falling … broken hearts … that I may screw them up irreversibly etc etc etc.

  3. Off the cuff I am terrified of creepy crawlies…I will leave the house, cause a car crash…I am reduced from confident woman to blubbering heap on the floor.
    On deeper thought…I am afraid of messing up my child’s life with bad upbringing.

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