Wordless Wednesday

Mozambique July 2014
IMG_20140705_091348 IMG_20140704_135137 IMG_20140704_132146

IMG_20140705_091404 IMG_20140704_163219 IMG_20140704_132156 IMG_20140704_114031 IMG_20140704_114053

IMG_20140705_091711 IMG_20140705_091729
IMG_20140704_114110 IMG_20140704_113221 IMG_20140704_113212 IMG_20140704_113158 IMG_20140704_113144 IMG_20140704_101429 IMG_20140704_112932 IMG_20140704_113011 IMG_20140704_113028 IMG_20140704_113032 IMG_20140704_093457 IMG_20140704_092051 IMG_20140703_164831 IMG_20140703_164438 IMG_20140703_164432 IMG_20140703_072040 IMG_20140703_161016 IMG_20140703_162450 IMG_20140703_162518_edit IMG_20140703_163533


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Where did you stay? Was that Ponto?
    P.S. I lived there for two years, great place to holiday…. kak place to live! 🙂

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