Spring Day, Date Night and Gym. Again.

I am sure I’ve entitled a previous post by this same name. The name suits a post where I need to talk about … well this and that really…

So it’s Spring Day on Monday. I don’t see why we should be celebrating Spring when it’s a miserable 5 degrees outside. And in fact, Spring equinox or whatever it’s called which signals the official start of Spring is only around my birthday.. 21 / 22 September, so really I am not feeling Springy AT all. But I think the real reason why I’m being the Spring Grinch is because I have to come up with these blasted Spring Day outfits. And I’ll admit that I had whole year to think about this (it does take place every year after all as my dear husband reminded me during a rant) but we only received the notification on Tuesday and I feel harassed by the short notice we were given. Having donned bee and flower outfits already, I thought the simplest route would be some sort of animal. They wanted to go as dogs. Seriously, I think I’m raising these kids wrong. Dogs? No man. We agreed on bunnies – I mean how hard is it to dress your kid up as a bunny? Pretty hard apparently. I’ve bought the bunny ears, the face paint and now I’m struggling to find a “suit” – I really don’t want to hire it because while I don’t want to make any real effort, I also don’t want to be seen as taking the easy way out. Taking the easy way out does not fit in with my highly competitive nature, it just doesn’t! Did I mention there’s a prize for best dressed? And we’ve won prizes two years in a row, I, I mean my kids, need to win again. So I thought a onesie pyjamas would be the best thing, but trying to find a onesie when all the stores are bursting with summer clothes is proving rather difficult. Today’s my last day to shop around and if I don’t come right, I’ll have to “magic” something out of the clothes already in their wardrobes. Fun times, this.

Gym. Well I am still going folks. In fact, we’ve already been three times this week. This is quite something for me. Dad, if you’re reading this: IN YOUR FACE! My dad laughed when I told him I’d joined the gym, he didn’t think I’d see it through. Well whaddaya know. On Wednesday I left my towel at home. Now leaving your towel at home wouldn’t be such a big deal … UNLESS YOU WERE GOING SWIMMING. So I sheepishly asked the lady behind reception to loan me a towel. Well, she gave me a teeny tiny towel only good enough to wipe the sweat off your brow. And I needed to dry my whole big body with this tiny piece of toweling. You guys know how I feel about gym nakedness, and there I was in the change room, modestly trying to cover my elephantine bits with this handkerchief sized towel. I don’t even think I dried my legs for fear of having to bend, my face was on fire, I just wanted to get out of there ASAP. We did a Killer Abs class the other day… the next day my abdomen felt the same as it did the day after I gave birth via C-section. INSANE. I also lost my gym card and needed to fork out a further R65 to get another one. Between leaving my towel at home – even though I always remember a toiletry bag full of awesome smelling stuff for after I shower, and losing my gym card, my husband still thinks I am not taking this whole exercise thing seriously enough. Whatevs!

Date night. So we try to get out alone every Thursday night. Last week we went to see Cirque Eloize. What a show! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so entertaining, I actually wished the kids could have been there. You’re only a real mom when you are on a date with your lover and you miss your kids, don’t you know? It was really phenomenal – the things the human body can do, wow. Sometimes I feel really bad to just sit here like a lump of lard when my body has all this potential that I could unleash if I really wanted to. Do things like that ever bother you? Like you feel like you’re wasting what you’ve been given? I don’t mean I want to be a performer, heaven knows this body was not made to perform, but like DO stuff to keep your body doing what it was made for. Exercising, eating right, being more active, enjoying the great outdoors rather than sitting on the couch.. simple stuff like that, you know. It does weigh heavily on me while eating my 17th block of chocolate in front of the TV (most nights.)

I digress.

So Cirque was last Thursday and this Thursday past, we went to the movies. We watched S. e .x T ape which was in fact really funny. The story portrays an average family where mom and dad work, mom also blogs and the parents are at a stage where between the pressure of life, having kids, and all that comes with it, their s. ex life has taken a backseat and how they try to revive it. The language was offensive and some scenes inappropriate but the story line was really cute and funny and I enjoyed it. Also, mid week movies are hard on the body. We caught the 7h45 show which came out close to 10pm and by the time we got home, I was scuttling into bed desperate to fall asleep as fast as possible because I didn’t want to wake up tired and we all know how sleep evades a person when they are desperate to SLEEP. So I’m not sure about living wild/young/free in the week when one is at an age where lack of sleep shows the next day. I feel tireddddd today. Living on the edge I tell you.

Are you ready for the weekend? Man, I’m ready for the weekend. I’m ALWAYS ready for the weekend. Have a good one, lovelies xx


9 thoughts on “Spring Day, Date Night and Gym. Again.”

  1. I am totally that mother – what is the least amount of effort I can get away with while still pretending to be “part of the fun”.

    Last year it was raining so that was easy – bright coloured tracksuits and their rain jackets and gum boots with umbrellas. They loved it and so did I 🙂

    I’m hoping it’s that easy again although K told me she wants to be a butterfly. I said, “well then you better find your fairy wings”.

    1. Hannah wants no part of this dressing up malarkey. She is not interested. When I told her I didn’t think a dog was Springy enough, she lost all interest!

  2. That is so great that you have stuck with the gym. I know what you men about treating your body right, but sometimes the brain is stronger and what is life without a little sugar?
    I love your date night. Hubby and I really need to stop living past each other.
    Costumes….I wold be one of those really excited Mom’s and I would have made it already…but you know I love to sew. Instead of traditional bunny why not go like Peter rabbit or the Alice in wonderland rabbit. They wear waistcoats so if you just put on suitable bottoms and stick a fluffy bunny tail on it could work without a onesie.

    1. Ladybird, you have NO idea how I love sweets, cakes, chips, chocolate.. lol. And yes you are the sewer in this group! I should have commissioned you to sew for me!! Anyway, I got the onesies at Mr Price – not the colour I was after my but beggars can’t be choosers! Your idea is so cute though!!!

  3. Wow a whole outfit for Spring Day!! And here I was moaning about having to come up with interesting HATS for the girls AGAIN 🙂 Speaking of, I still need to sort some things for the hats so have to make a stop after work as well …

    Regular date nights are great! Hubby and I have recently decided to make date night a more regular and scheduled event rather than the once-every-now-and-then arrangement we have currently.

    Well done on the gym!!

    Have a great weekend …

      1. Hubby and I just completed The Marriage Course through our church which encourages weekly marriage time … we are gonna start with once every 2 weeks as a first phase test;)

  4. I hope your bunnies came out allright?
    N’s school doesn’t do dress up but I like to liven things up a bit for Spring day…so we’re both in dresses today (at least hers has matching tights, my legs were freezing this morning!).

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