I still love it here.

Hello world

This marks the longest I have ever been away from my little (cyber)space. I could tell you that I have just been very busy with life. Or I could tell you that I had nothing to write about. Or I could tell you that I was away on a romantic month long cruise to the Bahamas.

But none of those would be true.

I have been writing words elsewhere.  Oh the BETRAYAL! And what I’ve found is that when I write elsewhere, I don’t have the words to write here too. It’s like I’m all written out. Which is ridiculous because the words I write elsewhere have nothing to do with what I like to write about here.

Anyway. A mini catch up.

I had a birthday and I am STILL getting presents, isn’t it wonderful to have a birthday? I love my birthday for many reasons. It’s the start of Spring, I LOVE the hot weather. We usually start talking about Christmas and focusing on  the holidays and the end of the year from about September; it’s downhill to the end of the year from here!

Liam sprouted four new teeth. So I wrote about him losing his two bottom teeth, and that space was quickly filled with two yellow-ish jagged-edged teeth. Apparently that initial colouring is normal, according to Google, because I was horrified I can tell you. But a few weeks on, he was complaining about toothache. My initial response was that he ate too many sweets and that his tooth was probably rotten and that he should suck it up. But the kid started to complain quite a bit, so I had a look and way at the back were two whopper molars peeping through. I got the shock of my life, teething stops at like two or three, doesn’t it? I thought this kid was sprouting his wisdom teeth, I mean he is smart, but not THAT smart. Once again, Google to the rescue… he’ll still get quite a few more molars, plus 4 wisdom teeth to take him to an adult total of 32 teeth. Daai’s ‘n mond vol tanne, neh? And, once the front two pop out, it automatically triggers everything else and the back teeth start popping out, the human body is amazing, right? So that little episode was pretty exciting.

Orientation Day for big school is on the 19th November. My kid is graduating from preschool on the 5 November. I cannot wrap my head around it. My kid? My baby? Going to big school? He is so excited, I keep asking him things like “aren’t you going to miss your old friends?” Or “what if you can’t make any new friends?” Or “You’ll show the teacher how clever you are so she likes you, right?” Ok ok ok, I’m joking about that last question. Well, half joking. Anyway, my Prophetess of Doom questions are more my own fears playing out than anything else. I’m terrified for him and I want him to be prepared for how hard it could be. But you know what he says, he says stuff like he can’t WAIT for big school. He can’t wait to make new friends, and he can still see his old friends because I will set up play dates, won’t you mummy? And he can’t wait to meet his new teacher and he is just going to LOOOOOOOVE her. This kid.

We’re going through another girly phase with Hannah. She wants to wear dresses and jewellery and she wants to leave her hair loose. I let her choose her own swimming costume in Woolies the other day, and she went for a bikini. A really cute girly one. Now I’ve read all the articles on how dressing your small girl child in a bikini sends wrong signals and all that, and my own personal view is that Hannah usually swims in her undies, her most favourite thing to do. Adding a little top to that is a step up, believe me. Jokes aside, I will admit that I see no harm in the innocence of a little girl in her Barbie bikini. There is nothing sexual about it at all, and the only place she swims is under my eagle eye. If we’re going to pick on the bikini, then we may as well pick on the teeny tiny shorts I see in the mall, or this midriff craze that shows more belly than t-shirt. Just saying. Anyway, I digress. So I’m loving the girly phase, although she still wants to be a man when she grows up. A daddy to be exact.

The run up to  Christmas is in full force. We have something on every single weekend from now right up until mid December. I am trying to take a friend’s advice and ensure that I only have one social a weekend – for my own sanity – but with so much going on, it’s not always possible. That and FOMO. I don’t want to miss out, even though you’ll hear me complaining nonstop on a Monday morning about what a hectic weekend I had. FOMO, it is a disease.

And lastly, I have a question. For all you tech savvy know-it-alls.. So I bought my very own domain ( I don’t even know if those are the correct words.) Let me try again. I am trying to move over to a self hosted site. Ok, I don’t know if that makes sense. Basically instead of wordpress.com, my blog will be .co.za. Got it? I was so proud of myself. It was like leaving home for the first time.

Until it got complicated.

Man, I have tried EVERYTHING, read a bazillion tutorials, and I can’t export/import all my blog history into the new site. I am so FED UP with it, that I’ve just left it. Now my very own .co.za site stands empty. Believe me, I have tried the usual routes, it.does.not.work. So if you fancy yourself a genius, help a sister out won’t you?

Otherwise, I hope you are all well. Forgive me lack of comments on your blogs, my Feedly Reader was showing close to 280 unread posts. I was tempted to hit the “mark as read” button; Julia said I should. But again, the FOMO got to me. So I am working really hard at wading through all of those.

Happy 4th quarter! The end of the year is almost here! xx



7 thoughts on “I still love it here.”

  1. When I saw 490 unread posts in feedly, I promptly marked all as read! Seriously there’s no way I am
    Getting trough that many posts. Even if they are 2 liner posts!!!

    End of the year is always busy but I try to do very little to make sure I don’t get exhausted. I might go out everyday but I make each outing short so I can still catch a quick nap here and there .

    Poor Liam hope the teeth all pop out so he can get some relief

  2. Where are you writing? Would be interested to read.
    When my blog got hacked and I had to move everything to a new domain what I did was go to Tools => Export. Then on the other side you use Import. The only problem was that not everything came over, some posts were half. Fortunately I had a copy of all my posts in my inbox and completed them. It took a while though. I’m sure there is an easier way. Just take my advice and back everything up before you move! I just googled and found an article that might help (or not!) http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-properly-move-your-blog-from-wordpress-com-to-wordpress-org/

    1. Thanks Heather! I’ve tried the usual export / import thing and that doesn’t work. I keep getting an error msg! I also keep every post in another folder elsewhere, have also been in a position where I lost a lot of data before, so I am VERY careful about that! Let me check out this link you kindly sent xx

  3. you all sound so … cautious! I just move things around and hope it all works.

    Also, can’t help you with WP – I pay a clever technical girl in Alaska to do ANYTHING WP for me. But with BLOGGER (the best blog platform in the world) it is so easy you will scream!

    where are you writing?
    (email – i don’t check back on wp comments – too much of a drama)

  4. I also need to do an updates kind of post. No idea about the WP stuff. Ask Laura or someone? Oooooh and I LOVE when my birthday lasts for months afterwards!

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