Why do brussels sprouts have such a bad rep?

So I’m by no means a food blogger, and my husband has now banned me from posting foodie photos on Instagram because he doesn’t understand why the whole world needs to see what we are having for dinner. But sometimes I HAVE to share a really good recipe. Or I HAVE to show off when I prepare a really awesome kiddie dish with tomato wedges for smiles and olives for eyes… you know the kind from Pinterest?


So yesterday after I picked the kids up from school, we had to dash to the shops to find something to cook for dinner. My pantry is empty. It’s these days in between month end-payday-and-actually getting-to-a-shop-to-do-your-monthly-groceries. Does anyone else have that period just after pay day when you need to do a big shop but you don’t have time, so you’re buying a little every night just to take you to the weekend when you can actually do a big shop? I despise this period but here we are again for the 457th month in a row. So the three of us were standing in the veggie aisle, debating about what we should have for dinner. Hannah wanted meatballs and spaghetti as she always does. Liam suggested rice and potatoes, I thought don’t worry boy, those days in the month are coming, but for now we can afford some meat.. ha. And then my eyes fell upon the brussels sprouts and because a friend had brought a brussels sprouts salad for lunch yesterday, I was feeling tender towards the sprouts. So I got a packet of  Bits ‘O Bacon, a bag of baby marrows, some fresh cream and the brussels sprouts.

As I always do in the kitchen, I pretty much winged it. Some times it works, some times it doesn’t. But this worked really well.

I sliced (not chopped) my onions and friend them in some olive oil, garlic and ginger  – a mix my mother in law makes for me.  I threw in some chilli flakes, more garlic flakes and lots of black pepper. Once the onions were starting to stick, I threw in the bacon bits and let that fry up. Then I halved the brussels sprouts, and cut the marrows into biggish chunks and threw those in and put the lid on just to get them to steam through. Added the cream, milk and some Maziena, and I let that cook up for literally five minutes. And voila dinner was ready. I served it with spaghetti.

The kids loved their “baby lettuces,” hubby loved it and I thought it was bloody marvelous. The brussels sprouts were still crunchy, the marrows were garlicky and buttery (I just made those words up) and the bacon… well we just LOVE bacon, you can give me bacon on stale bread and I’ll still love it.

As I said, I am not a food blogger, so this photo is literally my phone in the pot. On second thought I should have plated it and thrown some garnish on the top, and used a really cool filter, but whatever. Here’s how it looked.

brusselsIt took all of half an hour from start to finish, including chopping time, yelling at kids, directing homework, setting the table, washing hands and finally sitting down. Not bad, hey?


7 thoughts on “Why do brussels sprouts have such a bad rep?”

  1. Sounds quick and easy…I’ve NEVER cooked with brussel sprouts, let alone had them in my kitchen! I don’t even know what they taste like. May have to give this recipe a go 😉 As for Liam with his rice and potatoes…he can come eat by us anyday.

  2. Yums! I love b.sprouts but because no one else at home does, I hardly ever have them! Hmmmm , can’t wait to visit to try that! Xx

  3. Your posts are such a good read Robs…haven’t read in awhile so I’m reading them back to back lol. As for the brussel sprouts..you’d never find them in our house lol

  4. I LOVE brussel sprouts and yet I never buy them! Must rectify that ASAP. My kids are terrible vegetable eaters. No idea where they get THAT from because Lance and I ADORE our greens. I have decided that my next purchase will be a juicer/blender thing. If they don’t want to eat their veg then they must drink it. Sorry for them!!

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