Christmas giveaway with Mysmartkid

The nice people over at Mysmartkid asked if I’d like to give away a prize on the blog. Now I don’t just promote willy nilly on the blog, unless I recommend it myself and unless I think you could truly benefit from it. And that’s why I agreed.

So essentially, Mysmartkid is a subscription-based continuity programme. Every two months, you’ll get a delightful box delivered to your home with age appropriate toys, tools and play-based activities for your child. The box is packed with amazing stuff which will assist with the reaching of key development milestones and promote school  readiness. It will cost you R295 every two months, and the programme is offered in both English and Afrikaans, suitable for children aged 0 – 6 years old.

Now why I like Mysmartkid:

1. You already know I LOVE online shopping. The idea of an educational box of goodies delivered to my kid every two months without me having to so much as lift a finger, presses all my right buttons.

2. The fact that the box is specifically chosen with MY child in mind gives me peace of mind. You know, going into a toy or book store and selecting stuff that you “think” will be appropriate can be quite mind boggling. There is SO much on the market and buying ONE toy/ educational item can easily cost R300. When my kids were younger, after sickness my next biggest concern was whether my kids were being stimulated enough. Was I providing a good environment for them to learn and grow? Was I doing enough to stretch their little minds, what toys were best, was I wasting money on toys that didn’t really work and on and on it went. Mysmartkid sends this box FULL of goodness for your child which is perfectly appropriate according to their age and gender. And R295 every two months for the WHOLE pack? That’s a bargain!

3. If you aren’t entirely satisfied with the programme, they promise you a 100% money back guarantee. They believe in this programme so much, that they are willing to give you your money back if you aren’t convinced. I like that a lot.

So it’s almost Christmas and we’re all on the look out for gifts and goodies to pop under the tree. I’m  giving one lucky reader the chance to win a x 1 Mysmartkid smartbox filled with educational toys and activities, custom made for your kid. If you don’t have children in this age bracket in your immediate life, this is the perfect birthday gift or even baby shower gift! Give a child the perfect Christmas box, a Smartbox!

All you have to do in order to qualify is leave a comment telling me about YOUR smart kid: how old is your little man/lady? What is their most favourite thing to do in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD (as my 4 year old loves to say). 

Also just for fun, go like Mysmartkid on Facebook here.

Winners will be drawn by on Wednesday, 26th November 2014.

Smartbox with owl backpack

13 thoughts on “Christmas giveaway with Mysmartkid”

  1. My Little Mister is 19 months old. He is the biggest busy body in the world, so he need to have a million things on hand to keep him entertained. His current favoritest (I know its not correct English, but its my word!) thing in the world is taking things apart to see how they work.

  2. My little Ethan is 2yrs6mnths and he loves to count and sing the alphabet. I’m not sure what number kids his age are counting to these days, but I’m quite chuffed that my little man can count from 1 to 16! His favourite game is playing hide and seek because he get’s to count and look for us LOL

  3. K & C are 5 and I honestly would have to ask them. But things they do a lot around here – imaginative play, reading and writing/ drawing/ cutting/ sticking/ “being creative”, and messing around with my iphone camera!!!!

  4. My little minion is 2 (and a half!) He is crazy about cars, trucks, trains, helicopters, planes.. And puzzles! He also loves playing outside and giving our furry kids some love. He is an absolute whirlwind of fun =)

  5. Charly is 9 months old and has just started crawling, pulling herself up, cruising along anything she can and loves walking holding onto our hands. She loves “reading” her books and knocking down towers of blocks and clapping and dancing while music plays ❤️

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