The life I have been missing: why downsizing your life is the bomb diggity.

Hello guys. I’ve missed you *throwskissesallaround.*

Let me bring you up to speed. There’s so much that has been going on. Stuff I’ve wanted to keep private until now because there was a lot of transitioning that needed to take place. Physical transition, but also a mental transition and while the journey has been difficult, the destination is so worth it. SO.WORTH.IT. And we aren’t even there yet!

If you know me well, you’ll know I’ve been talking about downsizing my life for a while now. I even blogged about it here. Downsizing in the sense of simplifying and streamlining the way we do life. I do believe there are many ways you can simplify your life in small ways every day. But sometimes it takes a huge step of faith to make a change even when the pros don’t necessarily outweigh the cons.

I’ve been listening to lots of people in my life, I’ve been reading lots of blog posts and the thread is always the same. People are busy, their lives are hectic, they are stressed out and finding it difficult to balance careers/parenting/finances/relationships/LIFE on the whole. I’m one of those people. But I got to the point where I knew we had to make a drastic change in order to calm the pace of our lives.

So what’s changed?

We moved house! We now live in walking distance to my work. Hannah walks to and from school. Liam’s school is 5kms away. Church is 3 minutes away. I cannot explain the difference this has made. We wake up when the sun is up, our school mornings are leisurely and everyone is calm. I am home at 4pm most days. This means I can cook peacefully, I can sit down and monitor homework, by 6pm everyone is ready for bed which means we have an hour and a half to do whatever we like. Some days I fit gym in before supper. By the time my husband gets home, I am like a 1950’s wife (without the pressed hair and makeup) and ready to serve him and attend to his needs unlike the past where we were all chasing our tails to bedtime.

That’s the physical transition.

Mentally, it was difficult to let go. Going into a complex when you’re used to living in a house on a street is not without its challenges. Giving up a big yard and lots of space was a mind adjustment. We gave away a lot of stuff, sold off some furniture and threw out all the dead wood. Most difficult of all was letting go of Rocky.  Losing the space meant losing our Rottweiler who needed that space. I am grateful that he has been re-homed and he is happy, but we still miss him of course.

But nothing: not a big house, not a fancy car, not all the yard space in the world, not the swimming pool… nothing is comparable to the peace of mind I’ve gained in moving closer to where we do life. I can’t believe we spent the last eight years travelling first from the Westrand and then from Midrand into Zone 1, as I call it. And this is not applicable to everyone either, if you are not governed by school times, peak hour traffic which is unavoidable, and your personality type is such that sitting in traffic doesn’t send you over the edge (God bless you), that’s great. But for me, this move has been life altering. I’m a better mother, wife and human for it.  And let me tell you, all those things that you think define who you are and what you’ve accomplished? All the niceties we think we cannot do without? I can vouch for the fact that there is absolute freedom in not being bound by those things which we think defines us.

What do you know, I even have more time to blog! Stay tuned to see how else I’ve downsized my thinking (not my dreams) and my life.

16 thoughts on “The life I have been missing: why downsizing your life is the bomb diggity.”

  1. I totally love this. And this is the exact reason why we live in a too small house and have no pool. Because we are 2 km from school, 2km from swimming and ballet. 5 km from work. There is no way I am moving even a little bit further away. It is the only way I stay sane

  2. What a brave, bold step. So glad that it has worked out for you and yours. Our lives have indeed become so choc-o-block full of unnecessary stressed. Congrats.
    Shame about Rocky, I bet the kids miss him

      1. Yes, have lost both dogs this year. Sad, but it’s for the best, they were suffering.
        Hope you keep checking in. I know that the “pressure of blogging” also add to our stresses, hehe

  3. And you’re closer to us – hahahaha. So glad it’s gone from the West to where you are now! Can you imagine if you were STILL driving from the Westrand daily! Iyoh.

  4. This is good news! So glad we are happy and this is why we moved also, Kamva walks to school, it takes us 20 mins to get to work, honestly now that we are so close to everything I realise how awesome it all is! I wouldn’t change it for anything

      1. I had to friend, it was just too far for K’s school and work. The traffic was just horrible I couldn’t do it anymore and cause I worked late some days meant I got home at really odd hours. We should hook up, we close to each other 😉

  5. Good for you Robyn! Dancing your own dance, without worrying what other people think gives total freedom to you, your family… Your soul! I’ve learnt a long time ago that we can live a happier life with half of what we think we need! Well done! Looking forward to more updates!!!

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