This is me..

kids mom

I’m Robyn, I live in Johannesburg, with my amazing God-sent husband, and my two munchkins (Liam aged 5 and Hannah aged 4).

Rocky, our Rottie, completes our family.

I share my thoughts about being a mother, wife, daughter, sister and woman, on this wee little space. Thank you for dropping by.



8 thoughts on “This is me..”

  1. Can relate so well to this post Robyn! I remember feeling so happy/sad when I folded away all my girls’ baby clothes, knowing that they wouldn’t be used by us again. And have also kept those few special outfits – the ones that just bring back a million memories when you see them. I must admit that I’m always so envious of the kids at the start of each season – they get an entire new wardrobe and I’m lucky if I manage to get myself just 1 t-shirt!! 🙂

  2. Hello there, Robyn

    Hope this mail finds you well.

    We are writing to you to let you know about how much we love your blog and that we really appreciate what you are doing for the parenting community. We would also love to take this opportunity to let you know about this great initiative that you might want to participate in and share with your friends, family and loved ones.

    Dettol is trying to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Trust, which is an initiative to upgrade medical wards B1 and B2 at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. We are also trying to open up a platform for young mothers to share their knowledge on parenting and good childcare (ranging from infants to toddlers and to teenagers). We will be doing this through the launch of a new South African website for Dettol, as well as utilize social media platforms through an official Facebook page where will be featuring a Q&A section for mothers to communicate and exchange information with regards to parenting news and healthy childcare. We would like to get many mothers, like you, involved and come together to push this fabulous idea.

    All of us at Dettol believe that you would be a great brand ambassador as you have a fantastic and insightful parenting blog. We believe you have a great influence on bringing mothers who really care about healthcare together, and that your blog may help us raise the correct awareness of what Dettol is trying to do in the parenting community. We would like to take this opportunity to ask you if we would be able to advertise our mission on your blog? You would be able to do so by letting us advertise via banners that will lead to our website and Facebook page on your blog space and in return we would be able to post direct links to your blog on our Facebook wall. This way your blog and our initiative will gain positive exposure online and gain great status which will help us achieve our good parenting goals and inform others of our great initiative.

    Keep up the fantastic work! We are looking forward to hear from you.

    Waiting in anticipation.

    Yours sincerely,
    NXT\ Digital Innovation
    (Agency for 2012 Dettol Campaign)

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