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On the 11th day of Gratuity

Today my list could be about 100 points long. But I’ll hold myself back.

1. Grateful that it’s the last working Tuesday for 2012.

2. Grateful for this rain which makes everything green and fresh.

3. Grateful to my kid’s teachers who did a sterling job this year.

4. Grateful that I could spoil them with gifts this morning.

5. Grateful for simple recipes which create the most delicious foolproof butter biscuits. They are so yummy!

6. Grateful for my online friends who are always available to give help when I need it. Yesterday I was stuck looking for cookie cutters and between Facebook and Twitter, I got about seven answers within minutes – problem solved!

7. Grateful for my real life friends who celebrated birthdays this weekend – I went to three birthday parties this weekend.

8. Grateful for my early Christmas presents from suppliers and work colleagues.

9. Grateful for getting Bieber tickets for my niece yesterday. Still feeling sorry for those who missed the Bieber boat!

10. Grateful that pay day comes early this month.

11. Grateful for a good laugh… this morning we were early for school, so Liam and I were sitting in the car and I decided to pluck my eyebrows while waiting. After explaining to him that I was plucking my eyebrows, he carried on “driving the car” and playing with his action figures. A few minutes later when I was done, he said “are you done *#!cking your eyebrows?” Ever so innocently. Boy I couldn’t contain myself, that child cracks me up. I simply corrected him and we carried on with our conversation and he was none the wiser.

On the 7th day of Gratuity

1. Grateful for good advice. Today we made some big decisions based on some sound advice we received from a very wise somebody. I guess sometimes you fail to see what is right in front of you and it takes an objective third party to put things into perspective. More to follow on this topic in the next few days.

2. Grateful for simple pleasures. So I bought both Hannah and Liam these peak caps from Ackermans – cost me like R40 each and really they aren’t anything special. But you have to see them with their caps… they don’t want to take them off, I find them in front of the mirror checking themselves out, then they swop caps to see who looks better in which one. I never get tired of watching how simple things can bring such delight to little children. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

3. Grateful for the week we spent with my mother. She leaves today and although we’ll see each other again for Christmas, I still feel sad! But it was a good week, and even at age 31 it still feels good to have my mother around.

4. Grateful for the weekend. Who isn’t? This weekend is full of birthday parties, family lunches and meeting up with best friends – I wouldn’t want it any other way.

5. Grateful that the end of the work year is nigh. I only have a week left at work and I can’t wait to go on leave. Not because I don’t like my job, just because it’s been a long year – I want to sleep in, stay in my pj’s all day, tan by the pool, eat chocolate for breakfast, photograph my children to the point of irritation and bake butter cookies and eat them straight from the oven.

6. Grateful for my fabulous #Bloggersecretsanta gift. I love getting goodies in the post and my secret santa (aka the blessed barrenness) knows me surprisingly well – I was spoilt with the most precious trinkets and a pair of earrings I would have literally chosen for myself without hesitation.

7. Grateful that my hair is so fresh and so clean-clean. Yesterday I had a fight with one of the sprinklers on the irrigation system – it wasn’t working so I tinkered with it while the power was on and let’s just say it came to life and won the fight. I was sprayed wet from head to toe and you all know my hair woes… this is not a nice thing to happen to a Coloured girl with already blow dried hair. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing ever, but I was MAD! I have a function to attend tonight and there was NO way I was going to go with a ‘fro but I was not prepared to waste another hour of my life beating my hair into submission with a flat iron – not my idea of fun on a Thursday evening. But thank goodness for my mother who blow dried my hair and fixed me up.

Happy Friday folks, count your blessings! xxx

On the 6th day of Gratuity

Today I am grateful for:

1. High waisted skirts which have made a comeback. I’m wearing mine today and it hides my white flabby toneless stomach so well. Sitting at my desk without having to keep my stomach pulled in all day brings me incredible joy. You have no idea.

2. My mother’s homemade food. Last night my mother made good ‘ol beef and vegetable stew. I make this dish all the time because I know the kids love it and it’s as nutritional as it gets in my house, but it never tastes the same as my mother’s. We were licking our bowls. Love my mother’s food.

3. My mother in law. So I’ve invited my husband’s entire family for lunch on Sunday and I was going to be doing all the cooking, and this morning my mother in law insisted that she would make the biryani. I wanted to run and jump into her arms with gratitude but I restrained myself.

4. Good music. I travelled alone to work today because the husband dropped Liam at school. I LOVE being alone in the car because it means I get to choose the playlist, and while I enjoy the odd Barney song and the Children’s Classic Collection, I still like to occasionally blast something with at least a PG13 restriction. This morning I listened to The Beatles and The Carpenters VERY LOUD all the way to work – hardly PG13, but it felt good. Amazing how good music can affect your mood hey?

5. Reconciliation. You know when you and your partner fight, argue, play silent treatment – however it is the two of you disagree, it isn’t very nice. I dislike fighting with my hubby more because it impacts everything else around me. I’m not a very nice person to ANYONE if I am at odds with the husband. Anyway the last two weeks have been filled with lots of little disagreements and stress and we’ve both just agreed to let it go. Of course we will disagree on something else in the next half hour, but we’ve spat-on-it and agreed to just make up and move on. He is better at moving on than I am, but I am going to try.

6. Date night. That’s tonight! Cant’ wait!

Count your blessings today, people! xxx

On the 5th day of Gratuity

I enjoyed reading everyone’s Gratitude Journals last month. The older I get, the more I realise how important it is to be grateful. It keeps us humble and cognisant of the fact that even though we have problems and trials to face every day, there is but still a blessing – even if it’s just in waking up with air in your lungs every day. I also like to count my blessings because it detracts from all the other things I think I so desperately need and want. Nothing like a bit of perspective to keep you grounded hey.

I’m going to jot down as many gratuities as the day of the month. Today is the 5th December, so I’ll start my list with 5 things… and so on. So on the 25th December, you’ll need more than a minute to get through my list!

So in no order of importance…

  1. Grateful to be alive. This morning we heard of the death of my sister’s husband’s cousin who was involved in a car accident. A young man who leaves behind a young wife and a brand new baby.
  2. Grateful to know the Lord. Seriously, without Jesus I don’t know where I would be.
  3. Grateful for my husband. Yes I am grateful that I have someone to share the load with, someone to share life with. Someone who makes me feel like a million bucks. Someone to fight with and makeup with.
  4. Grateful for my children. Liam’s school report was really good. But I’m not grateful for his good report, I’m grateful that Liam is doing well, is well adjusted, has an opportunity to go to a good school where his mind and body are exercised and he has a chance to reach his full potential. Hannah is healthy, she is growing well, more than anything she brings me so much joy. She is perfect for me. My heart is grateful for these two bodies who fill my life with an indescribable sort of contentment – even when I’m mad at them, I’m still so content.
  5. Grateful for my job. Firstly because it gives me a place to go everyday where I can be away from my children. Yes I said it. Secondly and more importantly because it means I am able to draw an income to pay for the things which my family needs, it means we get to live in a house with a roof, eat a cooked meal everyday and pay for a car to take us where we need to go. Without our jobs, none of this would be possible.

What are you grateful for today? Make a quick mental list, you’d be surprised at how long it is 🙂  xxx