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Wordless Wednesday. Ok, not really. It’s just Wednesday.

It’s difficult to keep this photo post wordless because behind each photo is a story that needs telling. Sorry if you follow me on IG and have seen most of these already, but for the purpose of posterity, I need to write about them here too.

One of our new favourite things to do is to swim at the gym while our pool at home is still going through its metamorphosis from green to blue. From swimming season to swimming season, I always wonder if they’ll remember HOW to. Liam does, I want to get him into a stroke correction class, he is doing really well. Is it too soon? Hannah needed much coersion to let go of the pool noodle again. She had just learned to swim unassisted at the end of last Summer, so we need to be in the water a lot for her to regain that confidence. Rocky bit a massive hole in our pool net, and replacing it is proving very costly… which was fine during Winter because we weren’t hanging out around the pool much, but obviously with the warmer weather, I do freak out at the thought of one of them falling into the pool – swimmers or not.


Remember we lost a tooth? Well here’s the gap to prove it. Can you see how the new tooth has already pushed out? It’s inching its way forward but it’s way bigger than the original tooth was so I don’t know that it will fit! I wanted to take him to the dentist but with no medical aid savings left, I don’t know if anxiety of losing teeth truly warrants a visit? Even if the new tooth doesn’t appear to have space, what can the dentist do? Give him braces, no? So we’ll just wing it and see how they all fall into place.

This is 4 and 5. I say “smile!” and I get weird faces. This was the day they left home. I had to appease them with a lots of snacks and a dip in the paddling pool. Yes, that’s a Fizzer AND a piece of fudge AND popcorn AND a juice. I’m THAT mother, folks!


Ah yes.. so this is when they actually left home. Guys, it’s tough for kids to be away from their grandparents. In my utopian version of the world, grandkids would grow up in close proximity to their grandparents. If your kid sees your parents often, consider it a blessing. This day they were desperate to go to Durban and no amount of explaining could deter them from WANTING to go to Durban to see their granny. Eventually I said OK JUST GO THEN. Not in the least expecting them to pack their bags and GO. Bless! They didn’t go far, not to worry.


So I decided to give them a new experience. Do you remember walking everywhere as a kid? We used to walk everywhere. To the shop, to the park, to the local community swimming pool, to catechism on a Friday afternoon, we even used to walk to school everyday! And guess what? My kids walk NOWHERE. We take Rocky for a walk, yes. They ride their bikes on the road, yes. But they never walk to a destination. So I figured a walk to our local shopping centre would be a treat. And it was. For them. I can’t say I didn’t miss my car. But yes, my plan was to pick up just a few items, and we shared the load on the way back. We bought ice creams to cool us down, I showed them how to cross at a traffic light – although I was terrified to even cross the road, people have NO regard for the rules of the road, it’s FRIGHTENING!


Poor photo quality here, but look how big Rocky is. If he stands on his hind legs he is taller than the kids. Him and I are almost nose to nose when he stands on his hind legs and puts his front paws on my shoulders. He is a puppy in a grown dog’s body. He is so wild, he doesn’t listen and he is still really jumpy. In his defence, we haven’t been to a class in ages, but man alive, he is SO playful. He likes the kids to ride him like a horse. His favourite thing to do is to steal something so that we can chase him around the yard for ages. He LOVES this game. IMG_20140823_153314_edit

This child loves bubbles. Which child doesn’t, right? We got the most fabulous party pack this week (please note we received 7 party packs between Liam and Hannah this week, and we’ve been to 3 actual birthday parties in the last few weeks). Anyway, in this particular party pack there were bubbles, a loom band set, another craft which we haven’t opened yet, a gorgeous little bracelet and necklace which Hannah hasn’t taken off…and… one little sweet. What a perfect party pack! We loved it. I guess if you aren’t doing a full on party and just sending packs to school, one can splurge on the pack. It was a refreshing change!


This was at one of the parties we went to. It was at The Yard. What a gem in the middle of Woodmead? Perfect summer venue if anyone is planning a party soon!


Hop scotch. Can I just say it’s a lot harder as an adult. Jumping about like that is hard work with everything wobbling and jingling. It’s like a workout really. I was exhausted after playing for 10 minutes. And these kids are cheaters! The rule is if your stone lands on a line or outside of the number, you forfeit your turn, right? Well apparently not with 4 and 5 year olds.

How cool is that Frozen cake pop cake? Pity I didn’t get a detailed photo, it was really cool. All the little girls were in their Frozen dresses… I had to fight with my girl to wear a regular dress. But she did. I win. Yes.