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How many burgers are too many?

It seems 3 is the number. I’m going to tell you about my weekend, count how many burgers I consumed. Apologies to the cows who were harmed in the creation of this post.

On Saturday, Hannah was invited to her school BFF’s birthday party at Spur. We decided to do a daddy/son day and mommy/daughter day seeing as Liam was not invited to the party. So while the boys went for waffles and whatever else, Hannah and I chilled at home, FINALLY made her Barbie jewellery stuff that she received as a Christmas gift (I may or may not have hidden it away just so that I didn’t have to bore myself to death crafting with my kid). Turns out it was fun and easy and she was thrilled with her new jewellery. Then we went to the party. Long story short, it was a joint birthday party for the two sisters, one turned 4 and the other turned 8. So there were a lot of parents and children. The parents of the party said the adult guests could order anything they wanted off the menu. I was like OK, there are 40 parents here, how MUCH is your bill going to be??? Anyway, I ordered a burger because I thought it was moderately priced (a regular burger is almost the same price as a salad, and does it look like I eat salad? No). I always enjoy a Spur burger, Hannah had fun, it was a good party.

Saturday night, we had made reservations with some friends at Duke’s Burgers in Greenside. It was my second time at this place and I was once again impressed with my burger. Because I had had a Spur burger less than 5 hours before, I opted for a veggie burger which consisted of roasted butternut, basil pesto, grilled haloumi, red onion marmalade and mango chutney. Served with sweet potato wedges. I cannot explain the deliciousness in writing. I’m one of those people who have to eat meat with everything, and who believe that veggies are basically boring. I mean I won’t even order salad as a starter. That I even opted for a veggie burger is a surprise in itself. That I ENJOYED said burger is an even bigger surprise. The food and company were great. I would highly recommend you visit this place.


Yesterday after church, we took a drive to a prospective school that I’m looking at for Liam – just for Hubby to take a look at the facilities as he isn’t here in the week when the school does tours. We discovered that we were quite near the Burger King. Now let me tell you, Husband has wanted to try Burger King from day 1 -he is a huge fan. We’d driven pass a few times before and the queue has always put us off. Then one of the moms at the kids’ school told us about the lovely play area and how it was a good distraction while waiting in the queue. Well the queue wasn’t that long and husband stayed with the kids in the play area while I ordered the food. All in all it took me 15 minutes from the time I stood in the queue, to the time I collected our food. Not bad at all! The park is fabulous. I would let me kids run around there even if I wasn’t going to Burger King.. not sure that that is allowed but hey. Burger King food is good. We thoroughly enjoyed our burgers, apparently the onion rings were a fail in the Husband’s eyes, but other than that, I’d give them a thumbs up. Even the kiddies burger looked wholesome and the veggies on the burger looked fresh and crispy still. Well, as wholesome as a beef burger gets, of course.

We went home and I had to lay on the couch for the rest of the day. Stuffed. I even had a nap which I don’t particularly like to do because I’m not a good daytime napper. I don’t want to see another burger for a very long time. I am officially burgered-out.