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Making the most of a sick day

After complaining about having the immunity of an ox and never being able to take a sick day, I got sick. So feeling rather sorry for myself, I left work early on Tuesday afternoon, fetched the kids from school, handed them over to Zoleka, and jumped straight into bed. Zoleka cooked supper, bathed the kids and sorted everything out for me until the Husband came home and took over. I stayed home yesterday and the boredom of being bedridden hit at about 9h05am. I watched some TV, read my book, played on my phone, tried to have a nap, and that was enough. I made myself two soft boiled eggs and toast for breakfast, had a shower and laid down to watch more TV. My body was actually sore from all the laying down. My mother in law arrived from Durban around lunch time and she went straight into the kitchen. She made sugar beans curry with roti for supper. She also made beef stew for the kids. Then she made a massive pot of butternut soup. YUMMY. Then she told me to take out chicken so she could prepare a few other meals. I obliged obediently, thanking the Lord for a good mother in law. Not to be outdone in the kitchen, I decided to bake.

Ok it was more out of boredom and keeping her company in the kitchen, than trying to impress anyone. I baked my regular butter biscuits – these bad boys are so tasty and are always a hit. I’ve tried different variations like adding nuts or flavoured essence, but the basic recipe is always the most loved. And it’s literally just butter, flour, castor sugar, an egg and vanilla essence 🙂 Next time, I’ll double the recipe, you see that cooling tray below, it took about an hour for that quantity of biscuits to be HALVED!



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