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Mozambique and going away with people you like.

I don’t know that this post is about Mozambique or just about going away with your family and people who you like. I think it’s actually the latter.

Don’t get me wrong, Mozambique is beautiful. The thrill of taking your passport, getting it stamped to go into another country, while still being only 6/7 hours away from your home, bumping over sand dunes and waving at the locals who just seem so happy amidst such sad poverty, walking down to the beach and spending time that close to the beauty of nature. Swimming, tanning, eating, relaxing… it was amazing. Also, slipping into the sunshine mid Winter is a delicious sort of treat, isn’t it? But this morning I was emailing a friend and we were talking about our holiday and I said to her “I could go to Mars with these crazy people and I’d still have a good time” or something like that…

And that got me thinking.

Going on holiday is WONDERFUL. I thank God for these opportunities, and I am grateful that the kids get to experience different things and places. But I think what made the holiday was spending time with my immediate little family, and my extended family. I am so glad we LIKE each other. I am so glad that we can go away and laugh and laugh and laugh. You know sometimes you go away with people and it’s awkward… like some want to go here, and others want to do this, and this person wants to eat that, and it can just be awkward even if you’ve known these people all your life. And you vow that the next time you go away, it will just be your spouse and your kids and THAT’S IT. But this holiday was really chilled, and I think that is what actually MAKES the holiday. I came away feeling good and rested and like it was money well spent.

Ponto is a poor village, it is pretty run down and if it wasn’t for the magnificent beaches, I don’t think ANYONE would go there willingly. But it’s also safe and kind of homely and you don’t feel like you’re in South Africa at all. There is sea sand everywhere, no tar roads, just sea sand! I embraced it and walked around with dirty feet for the whole time we were there. Common household items are expensive at the local shops, I think we paid over R30 for 6 eggs! So if you’re going self catering, make sure you carry enough of such items. The sea food is cheap and easily available – and delicious. There is lots to do, but you could do none of it and still have a perfectly awesome holiday. You don’t need to have a big off road vehicle to visit Mozambique. We left our cars at the border and the place we stayed at transferred all 10 of us plus our luggage and food. I think getting there was half the fun. We took anti Malaria meds even though the risk was really low because we were just over the border and it was off peak, but we didn’t want to take the risk with small children. You have to carry cash and lots of it because very few places actually have card machines and there are no ATMs. The great thing about this place is that whether you’re there on a family holiday with little kids, or you’re getting away with your lover… it caters for both. We’re already planning our next trip out there!

Tomorrow’s Wordless Wednesday will be dedicated to some pics from our time away.