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School Photos…

The memo from school read that your child should be neatly presented, with his/her Sunday best on, for the event of the year… school photos. Being virgin school-photo-participants, we were very excited. Liam had been practising his smile for a while, ok… I had been forcing Liam to practice his smile for a while – not an easy task. It’s very hard to produce that delicious natural smile that makes me want to bite his cheeks off, when your mother is coercing you to smile every three seconds.

I thought about asking his teacher to crack some of the usual jokes I use to induce fits of giggles; she could have tried these at the precise moment of photo taking. My husband told me that he’d never change another nappy if I made any contact with Liam’s teacher regarding this issue. I mean what’s the big deal, am I the only one who wants a picture perfect shot of my son during his first year at school?

Anyway, photos should be ready in the next two weeks. And if Liam doesn’t look like the cutest kid in the class, I want a refund. Some of the practice shots below.. SAY CHEESE!