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Pink or Blue? Huggies helps you decide.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably seen a blog post or a tweet or an FB status about the New Huggies® Gold for Boys & Girls.

I was lucky enough to score an invitation to the Joburg event and can I just say that Huggies always host the best functions. I’ve attended an event of theirs in the past which I thoroughly enjoyed and this one was no different. Set in the hills of the Westcliff hotel, the venue was beautifully decorated with all things pink and blue. We were served a delicious breakfast, feasted on cupcakes and other sweet treats, enjoyed an amusing talk by the talented mommy and comedian, Tumi Maroke, and highlight of the event – there were no kids allowed. All the mamas enjoyed the morning off.

So about these nappies.


4_diapers_girls 4_diapers_boys







Liam was a leaker. Oh my word, this kid used to pee through nappies like he was being paid for it. I tried every brand of nappy, I tried doubling nappies at bed time, I tried putting those horrible waterproof thingies over his nappy – nothing worked, this kid just used to leak. Remember this post? Yeh, I had my fair share of diaper issues! And I know many moms will agree with me, there is nothing worse than having to change clothing and bedding during the night due to a malfunctioning nappy which has exploded all over the bedroom. I always wondered if it was a boy thing? I mean I never had these issues with Hannah? The only time Hannah leaked was when I avoided changing her – like her nappy would be hanging down by her knees, the child would be moving in slow motion due to the extra baggage between her legs, until it eventually leaked or exploded and only theeeeeen would the husband and I ching-chong-cha to see who would change her. Clearly, as Huggies have discovered, boys and girls are not the same, they are different, so it figures that their nappies should be different too, right? Right.

Huggies have developed the cutest Disney themed gender specific nappies. Mickey Mouse for boys and Minnie Mouse for girls. While the cuteness factor is a winner all in itself, the REAL winner with these nappies is that they are tailor made specifically for your little boy or girl – thanks to the location of the absorbency pad. They call them “targeted absorbent zones.” Check it out…

Print Print


Cool hey? I wish these nappies were around when Liam was still nappy-clad. I think these nappies are going to fix a lot of mamas’ nappy woes, like seriously. Guess what I’m taking to the next baby shower?

Huggies, I think you guys have a winner with this nappy.

Ps: It was also great to catch up with my fellow mommy bloggers and to meet some of the people in my phone. I need to blog about how weird it is meeting someone for the first time in real life, yet you know almost every detail about the lives via the interwebs… totally weird!

Good News!

This has been a good week… I received my prize from a competition I entered on Raising Men (if you don’t already, follow this blog, you’ll love it). I never win ANYTHING, like EVER. Going all the way back to primary school, we’d get raffle sheets and the prize would always be a BMX bike and every raffle, I’d choose my lucky numbers and then of course beg my parents to force all their friends and colleagues to take a ticket. If I remember correctly it worked on the most money raised and on lucky number draws, so I used to cover all my bases to ensure a win. But I never won that coveted BMX. I’m one of those people who will stop in the centre of a shopping mall, and engage with those poor promoters who insist that all you need to do is “sign here” and you’ll win a brand new car. I enter competitions online all the time, and love adding my friends to those competitions that say “if you recommend a friend, we’ll give you an extra entry” – when in reality I know they are just trying to build a database! ANYWAY, the point is I WON, I WON! Thanks to Pampers and Raising Men, we got two packs of Pampers Premium Care diapers and a pack of wet wipes. Nice eh?


Then I am sure there is some unwritten rule that I am probably breaking now, by mentioning two rival diaper brands in the same blog post, but I’m wearing my racy underwear today and I’m feeling rebellious so whatever…

I received this most beautiful invitation and yummy cupcake from Huggies, who are officially launching their new online parenting community called Momville. How cute? Of course I love a good party, and I know I’ll get to schmooze with a lot of the moms I only know in my computer, so I am really looking forward to this event. Never mind it conflicts with house moving weekend… I am super-mom and I will move house, unpack boxes, try not to lose my kids during the move, and then pitch up at this event looking completely frazzled and shaken.. BUT I WILL BE THERE. ‘Cos I like the cupcake they sent me, and I hope there’s more at the event.


And now for the news of the week. Yesterday we learnt that we are officially home owners. Our house belongs to us! It has been such a smooth and easy process, the timing has been perfect and everything has fallen so faultlessly into place, that I can only thank God for his grace and favour. I can’t wait to move into OUR house, cook in MY kitchen, watch the kids play in THEIR yard. Isn’t it nice to have a place which you love, to call your own? Tomorrow I pick up my curtains – the first items for our new place. And let me tell you choosing fabrics and deciding on the design of the curtains was more difficult than the actual buying of this house. Thanks to my friend Colleen who was so patient with me as we trawled one Chinese shop after another!

Our perfect back yard… *love*


Happy Friday my friends… it sure is one for me! xxx

Have you visited Huggies Momville?

The nice people over at Huggies have introduced Huggies Momville. It’s such a great resource for pregnant and new  moms – even old moms in fact! Scoot on over and check it out. While you’re there, check out my story under the articles and blogs tab, or click here to read it quick!

A word from the nice Huggies people:  

Huggies New Baby wants to help moms soften the journey into parenthood.  They know what a rollercoaster ride becoming a new mom can be.  It is a crazy blend of excitement, fear and sometimes even hysteria.  Which is why Huggies believes that every mom deserves a real friend to support her with exactly what she needs when she needs it – insightful advice that really makes a difference, a good sense of humour to keep things in perspective when things get crazy and finally, a nappy that helps keep baby’s bum happy. 

Huggies has created a “village” called Momville that pregnant and new moms can join.  By joining this village moms will receive relevant information that talks to them, exactly where they are in their journey.  Moms will need to dial *120*762# and they will become part of the programme and receive regular sms updates.