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Coming up for air

Hello lovelies 🙂 Feels like a while since I put finger to keyboard. Let’s recap:

  1. I started running. Ok, let’s not call it running just yet, I started exercising on the road – sometimes it’s running, most times it’s speed walking. Or just plain walking. I will post more about this as and when I become better at it. Currently, there’s still a lot of complaining, side pains, panting (which my husband despises, he shouts “BREATHE LIKE I TAUGHT YOU, STOP PANTING!”), embarrassment at what drivers or other runners think of my very strange running style (I watch my shadow and I must honestly say I run like the Hunchback of Notre Dame). I haven’t started to enjoy it yet, apparently this comes? I don’t know hey, feeling my chest burn up like it’s about to explode into bits of blood on the pavement doesn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy. But the sense of accomplishment after finishing those 3.1kms makes me want to do it again and again and push the 3km boundary. Husband has already sent me a list of possible 5km races I need to be looking into. Woah, slow down Bruce Fordyce, I’m doing this for fun, not for medals. It’s fun running together, even though his barking encouragement as we run makes me want to ninja kick him in the back (we run single file with him in front). ‘YOU’RE DOING GREAT. KEEP IT UP. DEEP IN, SLOW OUT. STOP PANTING. KEEP GOING TO THE LIGHTPOLE. WE’LL WALK AT THE LIGHTPOLE. GO GO GO!” Feels like the army, I won’t lie.
  2. This weekend we’re going down to the coast with my parents and sister and her family. Lekker by die see, ne! So looking forward to it but the BEST part is that the kids are going to stay behind for a week or so with their grandparents and aunt. Can you say home alone?! So looking forward to the adult time and absolutely no apologies about not missing my kids while they are away. I welcome and relish the break, thank you very much.
  3. After a tweet on Twitter, I went in search of an iPad headrest mount for the car and within 24 hours had bought it and had it delivered to  me via bidorbuy.co.za. The service I received from bidorbuy.co.za and particular the seller was outstanding. As techno savvy as I think am, I am still one of those terrified 80’s kids sitting behind my desktop nervously thinking that everyone in my computer is out to get me. Whenever I buy online, I always feel like I’m going to get screwed over – I blame all the online scams and corruption and Trojan Horses for my unnatural fear of the interrrnets. Anyway, it was at such a good price – almost a quarter of the prices I had seen in stores, so I had to take my chances. I attached a note with my purchase asking the seller to please please please contact me as soon as he saw my sale because I needed it delivered before my road trip on Friday, and also to inform them that I was scared that they were going to run off with my money . They called me within minutes, laughed at me for about one minute, confirmed the sale, and promised I’d have my purchase within 24 – 48 hours. When I got to work the next day, my parcel was waiting for me on my desk. This little device has changed car time for us. It’s on a swivel head so both kids can watch comfortably in the backseat and furthermore the silence is indeed golden. So I let them watch this morning on the drive in, and boy did it help with the Morning Blues. Looking most forward to the journey to KZN on Friday – dying to see how long they can actually keep quiet for. Not sure about the tantrums which are sure to ensue when I say it isn’t a permanent fixture in the car; if I allow them to watch constantly we will never speak to each other. Car time after school is generally our catch up time because when we get home, everyone scatters off to their own corner of the house. If you don’t have those portable DVD players and have an iPad already, consider getting this nifty device. Also if you have two kids and only one iPad like I do, I can’t tell you how this device has cut out the who’s-turn-to-hold-the-ipad arguments. It’s there, and you take turns pressing when using the apps and everyone has equal access.

Other than that, it’s been the usual craziness which is our life! Only in colder temperatures. NOT enjoying this sudden cold front, but then I reminded myself that it is the middle of June and I may as well suck it up because we still have at least 11 weeks of icy to go.

Keep warm!