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We’re movie stars!

Liam and Hannah’s latest game is where we become movie stars. The movie in question is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Liam is Jake, Hannah is Issy, Daddy is Captain Hook, Zoleka is Mr Smee and I am Cubby – why must I be the short fat kid?

Liam always has to have a sword; he is a swashbuckling pirate of course. Because we don’t actually have a sword – toy or real – in our house, he uses whatever long, poky item he can find. Last night it was his drum sticks. Hannah’s pixie dust is usually her dummy which she waves around so they can “fly.” All this is very cute until you are expected to play your part ALL the time, EVERY minute of every day. Even real life actors get to take a break and go home. My children call me Cubby and if I don’t respond (which I often don’t, I mean my name is Robyn why would I respond to Cubby?) they get louder and more exasperated until I say yes. And if I say yes Liam or yes Hannah, they look at me in shock and horror because their names are Jake and Issy.  I bore and named you children, I will call you by your Christian names if I so deem!

I am amused at how they walk around calling each other by fake names. When we get home in the evenings, Hannah nonchalantly toddles over to Liam and says “hi Jake” and he responds without missing a beat: “hi Issy.” This morning she said “luff you Cubby” to ME!

Sometimes I get caught up in the wave and long after the children have gone to bed, I am still calling my husband Captain Hook – I think he likes it.

Next time I want to choose my own character and I know already who I want to be. Cruella de Vil. Because she is rich and she doesn’t have any children to look after.