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For you with left handed kids…

Can I just start by saying that if you are not accommodating your left handed child in as many ways as you possibly can, I am now officially judging you! Ok, that’s taking it a bit far, but I had such an extreme AHAAAAA moment at the ripe old age of 31, that I can’t help but harp on and on about it to anyone who will listen.

After reading many posts, tweets and statuses on various blogs and websites about left handed scissors, I finally went to Waltons and paid all of R7 for a left handed scissors for Liam. I know he has a special left handed scissors at school, and his teachers have been asking me to get him a special scissors for home too, but he was cutting just fine with the regular scissors at home as far as I was concerned. I myself am left handed and have never needed to use a left handed scissors so I didn’t think it was that much of an issue.


The other day we were in his room and the tag on his vest was irritating him, so I asked him to get his scissors so I could quickly snip it for him. Automatically I held the scissors in my right hand and had a laugh when I realised I was holding it “wrong.” Even on that one little snip, it felt so… so… right? So I asked for a piece of paper to cut, and it was like AAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAA! It was like a whole new world! I can’t physically put it into words, the feeling of something just being done RIGHT. It’s difficult to explain, it’s like a lightbulb went off in my head. Don’t laugh, it seriously was that awesome.

Now every single time I need to cut something, I ask Liam to kindly lend me his scissors. I could have won paper cutting competitions at school if I had a special scissors, all these years my cutting has probably being mediocre, at best! I am even going to order myself a left handed scissors with the next stationery order at work. It is that serious. I can’t believe that my mother never bought me a left handed scissors, and she was a teacher for goodness sake! Come on ma!! I guess she thought exactly as I did with Liam, that we cut just fine with a normal scissors!

Guys, if your child is left handed please get them a left handed scissors. I can honestly say it makes a whole lot of difference, especially for small little hands I am sure. And now that I think about it, there were so many things that I couldn’t use because I was left handed. The old fashioned one sided potato peeler – until those fancier ones came out, the one I now use in my own house. A tin opener – I have an electric one in my house now. My computer mouse which I only discovered I could change well after years of computer studies at school – I blame the teachers for this one. Oh and while on computers, the number pad on the right really irritates me. REALLY. I use a numeric key pad at work, and place it on the left because I type way faster with my left hand and need a fast finger for numbers!

All I am suggesting is that you look a little closer into the world of your Lefty child, and see how you can help them be even better Lefties. I love being left handed, remember this post on discovering that Liam was left handed? I celebrate it and I love that my son has followed in his mother’s footsteps. We are the only two in our extended families on both sides who are lefties. We are a special pair us two 🙂

As for me, my little left handed spree has just started. I’ve discovered so many amazing products especially developed for lefties. Who says you can’t teach an old lefty new tricks? I’m going to start with a lovely spiral notebook made especially for lefties. No more finger bashing with the regular right handed notebook for me! YAY!