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God made me who I’m meant to be…


Hello Liam and Hannah

Mom again. One of our favourites songs at the moment, an oldie from Hillsong, goes something like this:

God made me who I’m meant to be. He loves me just the way I am.

God made me who I’m meant to be. His dream for me is so amazing.

And for this simple reason… I am happy to be me. Woah oh, woah oh!

My God watches over me. Woah oh, woah oh! I feel like royalty!

And for this simple reason… I AM HAPPY TO BE ME!

You guys love this song. I know it’s probably because it’s fast and punchy and the drummer and guitarist go crazy and we jump up and down and dance like rock stars whenever we hear it. But in time, I hope you will get as much joy from this song, simply because of the words. Every so often, I feel the need to remind you both just how amazingly awesome and special you are in the eyes of your Creator. God made you exactly who you are meant to be. I don’t ever want you to think of yourselves as anything less than royalty. Your heavenly Daddy is a king, that means you are a prince and princess respectively. No matter what the worlds says, no matter what your friends may say to you one day, or a scorned ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, or a teacher speaking cruelly – you are AMAZING.

You both have the potential to be something great. Recognise your self-worth, know that every hair on your head is counted and that there is someone who actually loves you more than me – I know that it is hard to fathom, but it’s true!! Be happy in this knowledge. Don’t ever wish to be someone else, because you are uniquely and beautifully created to live this incredible life, and all you need to do is keep your eyes on Jesus and he will direct your every step. When you come to know him in a personal way, His plan and purpose for your life will be revealed to you. It’s an ongoing journey, I’m on it too, but every day is a blessing in the Lord. I’m not saying life will be easy, or that things will go swimmingly well or that there won’t be hard, dark days, but when you have God on your side, you won’t be broken. You may be down, but you will never be out. You may be beat, but you will never be broken. You may grow weary, but you’ll still stand tall. So even if you don’t make the sports A team, or win a trophy at prize giving, or you feel you aren’t as pretty or handsome as the next kid, or you feel like you are a useless space-taker, know and understand that you were wanted, that God up in heaven was already thinking about this precious boy and girl that he wanted to create and how adorable they would be and how their parents would love them, and how Hannah would have this fantastic afro, and Liam would have these eyes that shine like stars – He made you EXACTLY as you were meant to be, He made you with love and He knew exactly what a blessing you would be to me. And the best part is, I didn’t have to do anything in order for Him to bless me with you. He just loves Mommy that much too, that He gave me the best gift of all – you two.

So go out there, be YOU, do YOU, put God first. Treat people with respect, love even when it hurts, forgive even when it’s hard. Be happy to be you. Because you are perfect, just the way you are.

Love you babies

Xxx Mom