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I have a Spar Freshline gift voucher for you..

The very nice people over at Spar sent me a voucher to purchase Freshline products, try them out and then blog about my experience. Since moving to Midrand I’ve become a regular at my local Spar because it’s literally in walking distance from my house. And the bigger Super Spar is a short drive away so we have become regular Spare goers. So when I received these vouchers, I was excited because I knew exactly what I was going to use my vouchers on!

Firstly, let me admit that my family and I have a problem. I am ashamed to admit that I brought this atrocity upon my family, because it was passed on from my parents and now I have passed it onto my husband and children. We have this problem which manifests at any time of the day, but usually in the late afternoon and often in the evenings after dinner. And here it is…

We have to have something sweet after a meal. HAVE.TO.

I blame my paternal grandmother who used to have a half a slice of bread with thick apricot jam after dinner every night. I believe it was here that the legacy was born.

While staying with my aunt in London a few years ago, she used to say “the English like something sweet after their tea.” And after dinner she would bring out all sorts of sweet baked goods. I am sure this had nothing to do with the English and everything to do with her mother (my grandmother) who had groomed us with a sweet tooth.

When I  met my husband, he wasn’t really into sweet things. So much so, he’d take DAYS to eat a single bar of chocolate. He’d have a neat little bite every night and place his little chocolate back into the pantry cupboard for the next day. WHO DOES THAT?? He would look at me with mild amusement as I’d rip into a slab of chocolate and easily eat half of it in one sitting. Ok, who am I trying to kid, I can polish a slab in one go, there I said it.

NOW? Oh my sweet tooth. Husband has stopped eating chocolate like a 2 year old and eats a full chocolate bar in one sitting like a man. As soon as the kids are down, it’s Milo time, which of course needs to be accompanied with something sweet. Although I do enjoy baking, I don’t always have the time in the week so I like to make sure we always have something yummy to satisfy the craving.

Even if it’s just a biscuit or a rusk to dunk in my tea. Or a little cupcake with pink frosting. Or a coconut covered lamington. Or a blueberry muffin. Have you guessed what I’m going to spend my Spar Freshline voucher on??

But listen, don’t let me sidetrack you, Spar Freshline DO make the yummiest sweet baked goods, but this range also includes fresh fruit and vegetables and much more. There is something for everyone, here’s what they had to say about their Freshline range:

All Freshline products can be traced from soil to store, ensuring you cook and serve with confidence! This peace of mind promise is backed by our commitment to sustainable farming practices and the fact that all our suppliers are audited in accordance with international food safety standards.

So guys, I have this R300 voucher to give away from the nice people at Spar. All I want you to do is comment with what you’d spend the voucher on. We’ll draw a random lucky number on 28 August at midday. I don’t know about you, but with the price of groceries, I am sure this R300 will come in handy 🙂