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We got a waffle maker!

Online shopping is the way of the future. Truly. I hate trying on clothes in a store. I detest it. I also can’t stand returning stuff that doesn’t fit, because I was too lazy to fit it on in the store. I don’t enjoy shopping at all. I prefer to buy something when I see it and I like it and my size is right there in front of my face and I don’t have  , to search through the racks or ask yet another disinterested sales person for help. But don’t ask me to go into a shop with the purpose of buying something specific. Firstly, I am indecisive. Secondly, there is nothing worse than eventually finding something you like, and they don’t have your size. Thirdly, the mall is just not my favourite place: from the parking, to the crowds, to the queues. No thanks.

So for all those reasons, I just love online shopping. The only thing I don’t buy online is our food. And that’s just  because I like to feel my own fruit, and make sure my cans aren’t dented and pick my own block of cheese and shake the fresh cream to make sure it’s OK. You know, stuff like that.

So last week Thursday, after talking about getting a waffle maker for well over a year, I went online and ordered one from Takealot.com. Including delivery, it cost me under R200. But the part I love the best, is that I got it the very next day. How’s that for good service?

Of course, as soon as I got home, I unpacked that baby and whipped up a quick batch. I wasn’t entirely happy with the recipe I had Googgled, I do prefer my waffle to be slightly sweet and this recipe was more pancake-y. But in my search I also came across other deliciousness such as sweet potato waffles, THOSE I will definitely be trying! A nice change to a roast potato or even potato chips on your plate, right? The first waffle was a complete flop, I put too much batter in and it just oozed out and caused a HUGE mess. But I got the hang of it on the next one. Also, I’d totally half the mixture. With pancakes, you can have two or even three. But with waffles, one is usually enough. The mixture I used made 8, so the kids had waffles with jam as a snack the next day.

We had waffles with ice cream and syrup for dinner. I was told about 237 times that I am THE best mother in the WHOLE world.