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Beep Beep

While I enjoyed myself at our work Christmas party last night, the hubby took care of Hannah (Liam is still in Durban with Gran and Pa and only comes back on Sunday). As always, I let him know that I had arrived safely at the venue, I answered all the necessary questions about where we’d parked, what time I’d be leaving, what he needed to feed Hannah and what pyjamas to change her into after her bath. That should have been that. Our next communication should have been when I was about to leave the party, to inform him that I was on my way. But no. 

You know those people who are constantly on their phones, whether browsing the net, catching up on social networks, BBM’ing or whatever? Those annoying people who you can’t have a decent conversation with because they are so glued to their cell phones. Well I was one of those people last night. I received a running commentary from the husband about each and every detail of his evening with Hannah. I may as well have been there! Now don’t get me wrong, I like to be kept informed of my children’s whereabouts if I am not with them, but if there’s anyone I trust with my babies, it’s my hubby and I don’t expect or need to be filled in on every wet diaper or baby fart. I tried to gently let him down without making it sound like I was having too much of a good time to be worried about responding to his messages, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. And I don’t like not responding because that’s just rude. But seriously, I spent more time responding to messages than I did socialising, and we were at a comedy show, everything was dark except for the stage and the glow from my ever beeping cell phone. He even sent photos of Hannah in the bath, Hannah laying on the bed, Hannah sucking her bottle. O.M.G. 

Then it got me thinking… is this how I am when he is away from us? Am I a hubby-stalker? I know I get highly annoyed when he doesn’t respond to my messages within 0.3 seconds of receiving them, and I don’t accept driving, or socialising or being on the toilet as an excuse for not responding (when I say jump, you say how high). But do I behave like this? Is this learned behaviour from me? How annoying! I had to wait for him to go to bed last night to get some reprieve and enjoy the party!  

Of course when I got home, I teased him relentlessly. He said I was exactly the same when he was out and he was giving me some of my own medicine. Me? No way! Ok yes, maybe a little. We agreed that the point of a night off was to get away from it ALL, especially the baby talk, and unless there was an extreme emergency, we’d lay off the constant messaging. Let’s see how this goes the next time he has an appointment on his own…

On a separate note, Hannah did seem to have herself a ball with Daddy..

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