What you did today…

This space is dedicated to all the weird and wonderful things you two do… thanks for the laughs and the loves my little ones xox xox (two kisses and one hug each)

And to get the ball rolling, I’ll add a copy of my latest milestone blog. Going forward, I’ll pop on over to this page, and update as regularly as you give me ammunition to do so.

9 May 2012

Last week, I came home and couldn’t find our couch. Then I realised that the blue block against the wall was our couch – it used to be brown but Hannah had scribbled all over it with a blue pen. And I mean all over. I was highly annoyed, I dragged her over to the couch, I was yelling and pointing profusely at her mess, using words like “naughty girl” and “bad bad bad” and “smack your bottom” a lot. When I took a breath, she pointed to one particular scribble and smiling broadly she said “look mommy, a LILON!” That means lion, and she was so chuffed with herself, that we all burst out laughing. Zoleka has since cleaned the couch, but I asked her to keep the “lilon” and whenever Hannah spots it, she yells “look, my lilon!” MY MELTING HEART!! I think she has a thing for lions, her new favourite show is Raa Raa the Lion on Cbeebies. Hannah likes to say morning to everyone, even when it’s way past 12pm. That’s her common greeting for any time of the day. She LOVES to wear shoes. As soon as she wakes up, she waddles over to the shoe cupboard to find her sneakers, or Liam’s red wellingtons. And getting them off at bath time is becomes increasingly difficult. If I yawn, she holds my face in her hands, tilts her head to one side, looks me dead in the eye and asks with big eyes: “mommy tiyud (tired)?” If I say yes, then she tells me to go make dudu. She got moves like Jagger, this kid. Liam has no rhythm whatsoever, this doesn’t bother him at all and he gets down when he hears music,  but when he dances he looks more like he is bobbing and weaving in a boxing ring then dancing to a song. Hannah, however, can dance! And she takes it all very seriously! With rhythm like that, I need to enrol her in some sort of dance class!

Liam has had us in stitches and often renders us speechless with some of the words he uses, and just his thought processes in general. His new favourite word is perfect. “That’s just perfect” you’ll hear him say if he does something that he is particularly proud of… like if he puts his underpants on the right way, or he completes a puzzle, or if he brushes my hair and likes the style that he has created. The other day I announced that I needed to make a wee, and he asked me if my “bagina” was full. I laughed so much that I almost didn’t make it to the loo on time. His fascinated with surnames and likes to recite everyone’s surname in the whole family.. and I mean extended family, so the list is long. When he meets someone for the first time, even a complete stranger, he will ask them what their surname is. Of course all the toys have his surname. Another word he likes to use are awesome and bootifull. He is so complimentary, and so observant. If I wear something new, he’ll ask where I bought it and tell me how bootifull I look. When we ask him what he wants to be when he is big, he says he wants to be able to cook and sit in the front seat of the car and drive like Daddy (so he’ll either be a chef or a taxi driver). If he sees a man wearing earrings, he is flabbergasted. He has a picture Bible which shows the Romans and Jewish men of ancient times with earrings and he just doesn’t get it. “Earrings are for girls only, mommy!” I wish I could find an old photo of his Dad who was sporting TWO earrings when I first met him 10 years ago! He always asks what the time is, as if he has a date to get to, or as if he is waiting for a train. Why would a three year old constantly need to know the time? The words or sentences I least like to hear, which Liam says often, include: I want, I need, what, huh. When he uses these words, I first ignore him hoping that he’ll correct himself or I explain for the 100th time that that is not the way to speak. BUT if I or Dad slip up and use one of these phrases or say “huh” we get a right telling off. And heaven forbid I say “stupid” or “dumb” – not to the kids, just in general! I have to apologise, then he tells whoever will listen that mom said a bad word. It’s like living in a convent. And he has no problem telling ANYONE that THEY said a bad word if he picks up on a conversation in passing. Even a stranger in a shopping mall who just happens to be talking loudly on his cell phone.

23 May: Liam-nisms

Liam’s latest phrase: OGM.. as in OMG, but back to front.

Liam: “When I am a person, I will sit in the front and drive the car. When I am a person, I will cook on the stove. When I am a person I will smack naughty children.”

I do think he means when he is an ADULT, not a person..

The whole family is in on praying for a new house:

Liam: Lord, please pray for us to get a new house. (awwww bless!)

Me: Did you nap today at school?

Liam: Yes I did.

Me: Lucky you, I don’t get to nap at work

Liam: cos you play on your computer all day.


I’ll miss you when you go to be with Jesus


L’Oreal – Lollyell (aged 2 1/2)

Hello, nice to BEAT you (aged 2 1/2)

Banana = Manana



2 thoughts on “What you did today…”

  1. Beautiful blog Robyn! This is an awesome idea! In our kids future everything is going to be technically based (scary, but just the way the world is). I relish our childhood and how we were allowed to be ‘children’. Playting on the road, making mudcakes, playing hop scotch and stocking…Aaaah! The good times! You’re kids will really appreciate this. Looking forward to more posts 🙂

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